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The new MOMENTUM Wireless is the latest addition to Sennheiser's ground-breaking, premium headphone range - offering superior sound, cutting-edge technology, and a modern design aesthetic to every moment. It redefines your premium headphone experience by reproducing the balanced depth and precision of studio-quality audio.

Woman wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a city streetWoman wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a city street
Momentum Wireless headphones folded on a tableMomentum Wireless headphones folded on a table

Never miss a beat

The MOMENTUM Wireless features intuitive controls designed for any situation. Whether you’re taking a business call, talking to a friend or just hiding in your own personal audio space, the Auto On/Off and Smart Pause features ensure that you’ll never miss a beat.

Your sound, on your terms

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Hearing functionality allow you to experience your audio world on your terms. The advanced Active Noise Cancellation offers three modes that are tailored to different environments. And with the Transparent Hearing feature, you can enjoy music while still being fully present in whatever you’re doing.

man wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a city roof topman wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a city roof top
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones on a locker room benchSennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones on a locker room bench

Get lost in the music

Featuring a genuine leather head strap and premium earcups, these headphones deliver superior comfort for those who like to enjoy endless listening. The sturdy matte steel arms and durable covers stand the test of time, making them the perfect companion for the stylish listener who’s always on the move.

Set the tempo of your mood

With a simple and intuitive 3-button interface, you can switch between your music and making calls in an instant. You can also activate volume control at the touch of a button and link to voice assistant technology immediately. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the MOMENTUM Wireless has all the functions you need to enjoy rich, detailed sound.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphonesSennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones
man wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a busy streetman wearing Momentum Wireless headphones on a busy street

In tune with your lifestyle

The MOMENTUM Wireless offers seamless integration with your phone’s voice assistant. At the touch of a button, you can easily tap into the virtual world or real world whenever life happens. With the superior sound of the MOMENTUM Wireless, you’ll never lose your rhythm again.

Personalization in the palm of your hands

The Sennheiser Smart Control app provides three different noise cancellation modes and a built-in equalizer. With smart TILE technology, you can locate your headphones when life gets complicated, so the only time you ever feel lost is in the music.

Sennheiser Smart Control app on a mobile phone next to Momentum WirelessSennheiser Smart Control app on a mobile phone next to Momentum Wireless

Personalize your sound experience with the

Smart Control App

Listen to your music the way you want. This free dedicated app for iOS and Android provides an effortless way to control, personalize, update and configure your Sennheiser headphone, headset or soundbar.

Sennheiser Smart Control App ScreenshotSennheiser Smart Control App Screenshot

Individualize your Sennheiser product

Smart Control App

With the intuitive equalizer, you can adjust the sound to your personal taste.

Sennheiser Smart Control App ScreenshotSennheiser Smart Control App Screenshot

For your individual sound experience

Smart Control App

Use the Transparent Hearing settings to determine how much of ambient noise you want to hear.

Sennheiser Smart Control App ScreenshotSennheiser Smart Control App Screenshot

For your individual sound experience

Smart Control App

The device settings menu allows you to customize voice prompt or Smart Pause.

Sennheiser Smart Control App ScreenshotSennheiser Smart Control App Screenshot


Sennheiser Smart Control is a free app and compatible with most iOS and Android systems.
This App is available in 8 languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin.

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(Size: 228.5 KB)
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphones Declaration of Conformity
(Size: 3.7 MB)
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Quick Start Guide
(Size: 8.6 MB)
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones compliance and safety information
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones User Manual

General Features

Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5 compliant
Supported Profiles
Audio input
Bluetooth, Analog (mini jack), USB-C
Power supply
5.0 V DC, 330mA
Battery Type
Built-In Lithium rechargeable battery
Frequency range
6Hz - 22kHz
Audio codec
SBC, aptX™, aptX™ Low Latency, AAC
USB Standard
Battery time
17 hours
Noise cancellation
3 Active Noise Cancelling Modes
Package dimensions
231 x 193 x 104 mm
App support
Sennheiser Smart Control

Package Includes

  • MOMENTUM Wireless
  • Audio 3.5 mm
  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter
  • USB-C Cable
  • Case
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety Guide
  • 2-Year warranty

    two year warranty

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Perfect Blue-tooth Headset (And More!)
These work really with the iPhone 7 and any Bluetooth-equipped device I've tried including my MacBook Pros. They sound a lot like the Sennheiser HD650 headphones but with more treble and are more comfortable to wear. They also come with a cable that will let you use them passively like a regular pair of headphones so they're NOT just Bluetooth; and I'm sure that Drew's Crew will make a custom listening cable for you if you want to use them passively a lot. The noise cancelling works really well and the mic is just sensitive enough for phone conversations. I have been told that I sound a little but soft but extremely clear.
July 21, 2017
Great Set Of Headphones
I've owned a pair of Sennheiser HD650 headphones for about 10 years and have really enjoyed them. They have open ear cups so people in the room can hear what you're listening to and they allow sound outside in. I've wanted some closed ear cup headphones for traveling to keep from annoying people around me and to block outside sounds from interfering with my listening.

I read about the new Sennheiser Momentum 2 closed ear headphones with active noise canceling and Bluetooth connectivity and ordered them without seeing or hearing them. I've listened to many headphones over the years and never heard a Sennheiser that I didn't like so I was pretty confident that I wouldn't be disappointed with them. I have an iPhone 6 with music I ripped from CDs into m4a files. These headphones sync easily with Bluetooth devices. You put your iPhone or other Bluetooth device in sync mode and then you press the power button on the right ear cup of the headphones for a couple seconds. A light on the right ear cup will begin to flash blue. You continue to hold it down a few more seconds until it the light alternates flashing red and blue. This indicates the headphones are in sync mode and they will sync with the iPhone in a couple seconds.

The first thing you notice when you put the headphones on is how light and comfortable they are. You also notice how quiet the room suddenly becomes because the noise canceling is always on if they are powered on. A microphone in the front of each ear cup "hears" the ambient sounds around you and injects it in the exact opposite phase to cancel those sounds inside the ear cups. It works really well!

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones can connect to non-Bluetooth source devices. A cable with male 3.5mm stereo male connectors on each end comes with the headphones. One end plugs into your source and the other end plugs into the bottom of the right ear cup. The headphones sound clearer wired directly than they do in Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth standard was originally intended to wirelessly connect keyboards and mice to computers, not to transmit high fidelity music.

The wired sound of these headphones is typical Sennheiser - clean, crisp, and balanced. The bass is solid and deep. The midrange is a little recessed compared to my HD650s. The highs are crisp without being shrill. The Bluetooth connected sound is a little less clear. The bass is still deep and solid but the midrange and highs are less clean - the limitations of the Bluetooth standard become apparent.

The headphones have a rechargeable battery in the ear cups that powers the headphone amplifiers when the headphones are in Bluetooth mode. The battery also powers the "always on" noise canceling circuitry. Sennheiser rates the battery life as 18-22 hours. My experience has been on the upper end of that range. A charging cable with a USB male plug on one end and a micro-USB male plug on the other end that plugs into the bottom of the right ear cup is included. The headphones cannot be listened to while they are charging.

I recently flew with them on a 4 1/2 hour flight. I had music playing on them before we took off until the time we landed. I had no discomfort on the top of my head or around my ears. These are exceptionally comfortable headphones! They do a great job of blocking the whine and low frequency rumble of the jet engines.

The headphones fold up to a reduced size and come with a drawstring pouch and a hard case zippered pouch. I left both of those at home and stuffed the headphones into my computer bag along with the USB charging cable and the 3.5mm stereo connecting cable. The headphones seem very durable.

I am very pleased with these headphones in the 3 weeks I've had them. I expect them to give me as many hours of joy as i've had with my HD650s.
February 26, 2015
1. Ear fit excellent, very comfortable.
2. Bluetooth connectivity was flawless with multiple connections.
3. Foldable design, great case.
4. Materials of construction ....plush.
5. Well thought out controls, engineering of software, layout and function.
6. Most importantly, sound was rich, deep, spanned range amazingly, bass was very well balanced unlike others I have compared.
7. Moon-Audio - great service, no issues, seamless interactions with timely responses.
February 12, 2015
What you've been waiting for
I travel frequently. Whether I'm on the plane or in the hotel room, I value cordless headsets with noise cancellation. I also have a 7 3/4" head, so comfort is a factor. Finally, I'm a musician, and I've learned to appreciate fine details in sound color, stage, and quality in a headset.

Considering all that, the Momentum Wireless is a product that I've been anxiously awaiting. It's a perfect amalgamation of the most desirable characteristics of other products on the market.

I've compared it, side-by-side, to the Bose QC25, Beats Studio Wireless, and both versions of the Parrot Zik. The Momentum Wireless leads all in comfort and sound quality, and is only seemingly bested in noise cancellation. I believe this is due to the algorithm Sennheiser is using, and not on a design failing. Specifically, when the sets are not playing sound, the Momentum's NC seems to be the weakest. When they are playing, they are only bested by the Bose. I find that the Momentums do not cause the "pressure" sensation that the other headsets do when not playing.

As for comfort, I wore all headsets each for a period of 6 hours. The Momentums were the most comfortable, followed by the QC25, then the Zik 2.0, the new Beats Studio Wireless, and then the Zik 1s. The delta between the Bose and the Momentums is large; the Sennheiser set is decidedly more comfortable and made of better quality materials.

Where the Momentum Wireless truly stands out is in sound quality. It's not even a competition; the other headsets I tested should be considered in separate category of drastically lower sound quality. I'm sure there are many wired headsets that sound better, but in the absence of a DAC and a headphone amp, the Momentums are as good as it gets.

Other things worth mentioning:
- Battery life is great. Have been using the set regularly for 3 days without a recharge.
- The programming is impressive. Instead of cryptic "bloops," the Momentums signal connectivity, battery life, and call status with a soothing female voice.
- The Momentums "remember" up to 8 bluetooth pairings. One issue is that they will simultaneously connect to everything they remember, so the headset play controls may wreak a bit of havoc. (Was trying to listen to something calm and ended up playing Aerosmith on my MacBook, which was in the other room.)
- The on-ear controls are tactile, not touch, and are similar to other headsets in convention (1x = Play, 2x= Forward...) When not playing music, the button can be used to play a description of battery status ("Between 10 and 12 hours remaining," she says.)
-This one is important: Corded playback is almost indistinguishable from the wireless. While I rarely use the cord, in the event I ever need to I'm not concerned about an apparent dip in quality like I am with the Ziks and the Beats.

Overall, these are a top-notch headset, and well worth the premium price.
February 3, 2015
Quality Driven Product
Sennheiser has arguably implemented the best headset on the consumer market. I'm doubtful that there's any BT headset that can match the performance & quality of the BT Momentum headset. The gangs all 'hear'...bass, mids, treble...crystal clear....and noise cancellation along with Apt X (are on board). I prefer a neutral sound...and these deliver...nothing artificial gets in the way of the music.

As soon as I placed these on...I was rewarded with the full & lively sound of the Momentum headset. The use of a single toggle switch is a clever control design that just works. The only con is the price point...but given the full array of features & quality's money well spent for those seeking a headset that'll keep you smiling for years to come. I've been wearing them whenever possible over the past 5 days (addictive). i would highly recommend anyone in the market to consider these. I'm not aware of any headset with this level of sound & features at this price point (under 500.00).
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I hope this is the momentum 3 wireless and not the momentum 2. Is it?
Leon C on Oct 16, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this is the latest addition from Sennheiser of the Momentum line.
You show a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging the Momentums with a USB-C to USB-A adapter. Is the adapter included when you buy the Momentum 3, or is that something you included on your own?
Ricky S on Sep 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, these contents in the picture are included in the box.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 Unboxing

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