Roon Labs Company

What Is Roon Labs?

Roon Labs is a Cambridge based company started by founder, CEO and Berklee College of Music grad Enno Vandermeer. Eno spends most of his time in Cambridge. Time is everything in music and the evolving technology we employ to hear favorite songs, musicians, and bands.

In Cambridge on the river,Cam time simultaneously speeds up and slows down. Roon Labs music management software speeds and slows the best audio gear moving control from machines back to music lovers, fans, and audiophiles. Roon Labs software is a favorite because it makes listening to music fun again while granting a "Master Blaster-Like" control over your audio network.

Many music lovers remember holding and reading albums while listening to favorite records. Roon's software reaches across the web to crush static liner notes. Collections will always be cool physical things, but as we stream music Roon helps music lovers discover, learn, and engage their music's soul again only better. Roon's software isn't an unchanging printed album. Roon manages the evolving NOW all music lives within. If your favorite band is on tour Roon knows. If your band is making news Roon knows.

Roon Labs music all knowing management software isn't alone anymore. In 2018 Roon introduced hardware to run their software. The Roon Nucleus and Nucleus Plus make using "Roon Core", control and outputs easy, efficient, and all with great sound.

Roon's software creates a powerful internal network of "Roon Ready" apps such as Tidal and Dropbox. Roon's network can incorporate "Roon Ready" digital to analog converters (DACs) and play or upsample music to speakers throughout a home, office, or auditorium.

Roon Labs Virtual Cambridge office image