Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016


Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

October 5th - October 7th, 2018

Denver, Colorado

RMAF 2018 has been scheduled and we are already planning. Turnout at the 2017 event was amazing. We connected with so many audio lovers and helped them improve their sound quality with the latest & greatest equipment and in some cases took their headphones to the next level with award winning Dragon cables.

If you missed RMAF2017, you can always reach out for a private appointment or consultation. While the show only lasts a few days Moon-Audio is here to help all year long.

Hack Your Headphones

Hack Your Headphones

We love being surrounded by thousands of headphone hackers at RMAF. Headphones aren't accessories anymore. We don't manufacturer headphones (yet). We make Dragon audio cables. "Dragons are amazing," says Moon-Audio Ambassador Marty Smith. "Moon-Audio's cables make even great headphones like my Fostex TH900 Reference cans sound better." We help customers hack their headphones to hear music the way their favorite musicians created it. There are three ways to hack:

  • Branded Hacks - we add dragons to top brands & you buy 'em together.
  • DIY Plug & Play - some brands cables are easy to change yourself.
  • We Hack ‘em - send your headphones, earphones or IEMs to us and we will hack in better cables for better sound.

Dragon Audio Cables

Dragon Cables - Converting Skeptics

Skeptical about sound differences audio cables can make? You aren't alone. We see so many converts we are developing a “Convert Scale” to define how much a music lover's skepticism was turned into love.

The conversion from skeptic to fan is clear when reading a few reviews:

Yes, There Is A Difference

"Yes, the Silver wire (Silver Dragon IEM cables) does have a sonic effect – smoother upper-mids, slightly extended high frequencies and (again) better low frequency transient response. Tighter, smoother, snappier."

Touch33, "Old Soundman", with 40+ years (gasp!) of live and studio experience.

Converted Skeptic

"In short I am Impressed, I hoped for a bit of a difference but - What a Difference and exactly along the lines Drew described (Audeze LCD-X with Black Dragons).

I still don't understand how another piece of wire makes a difference to the character of the sound, but I don't have to understand which leaves me free to just enjoy listening to the music."

David, customer review Black Dragon Headphone Cable V2