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PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport and Dac

Perfect Wave DAC

The PerfectWave CD and DVD Memory Transport is a ground breaking new category of device. It is an optical disc reader built to extract both standard and high resolution audio from just about any optical playback medium, such as a Compact Disc (CD) or Digital Video Disc (DVD), and send perfected digital audio data from its solid state memory to any Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) made.It accomplishes this task in a manner quite different than other CD transports and players. Using an optical ROM reader, the PWT extracts the data off any CD or DVD in bit-perfect condition without using error correction and places that data into a special version of the PS Audio Digital Lens. Once inside the Digital lens, the musical information is stored in pure form without clocks or any reference to time. The stored musical information is then retrieved by the PWT's asynchronous fixed timing clock and output to your DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter through its digital audio outputs, or jitter-free through the HDMI connector.

The results are remarkable. Based on comparisons with any standard technology CD or computer based system, the PWT produces hands-down noticeably better performance for any listener on any system. This transport unlocks all the musical magic stored in your CD library and hidden from you all this time.

The PWT's gorgeous color touch screen displays the cover art for each CD and eliminates forever the traditional track selection by number. Song titles are displayed just as they would be on the CD cover making the PWT a joy to use and own.

As technology transcends the limitations of CD's and we enter the next evolution in digital audio playback, high resolution audio, the PWT is ready for the challenge. Without the need for a computer, the PWT plays high resolution audio files, lossless stored music, standard CD's and homemade compilations on either CD-R or DVD-R with the ease and grace of a beautifully built machine.

The PWT is built to last a lifetime and will be the last optical disc reader you will own.

A bit of history

Perfect Wave DAC and Transport

In 1982, the first Compact Disc (CD) was released by the band Abba. The CD release of Abba's "The Visitors" was a bold move for the band as few people had a way to playback the disc. Up until their CD's release, recorded audio was stored on either magnetic tape or vinyl records. The idea of storing audio on an optical disc and playing that data back with a laser beam was a remarkable step forward. If you're interested in the CD's complete history, you can read about it here.

A quarter of a century later the Compact Disc is still the biggest portable storage medium for recorded music and data in the world, with 2.5 billion discs a year produced (falling to 1.5 billion in 2008). Most music libraries in people's homes are stored on CD's and these CD's are played back on everything from the least expensive, to the most expensive CD players and transports with varying degrees of quality.

A quarter century after the CD was introduced, the first of several new moves away from the optical storage idea (of the CD) began to take shape in the form of a return to magnetic storage devices known as hard drives. Hard drives store audio data magnetically; in much the same way tapes did a quarter of a century ago.

Magnetic hard drives have several advantages over CD optical storage: they hold more music, they can store more formats at higher resolutions and they can sound better. They also have several disadvantages: they require some form of computer to access them and their outside interfaces are not designed for compatibility with high-end audio playback sources.

In the last few years digitally encoded music has taken another few steps away from the venerable CD: the creation of media libraries accessible over a network or the internet.

It is clear that technology is moving away from optical discs as a means of storage and playback, yet the vast majority of all the recorded music in the world remains accessible only from these discs. It may be axiomatic to point out that the best technologies for any category appear near the end-of-life for those categories. The best tape recorders were introduced as the medium fell out of favor. The best turntables and phono preamplifiers ever made were designed and released after the vinyl record's heyday. And so it is with the Compact Disc player, in the form of the PerfectWave Transport.

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