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Moon Audio JustAskDrew Hifi Explained

    • Dragon Inspire IHA-1 Tube Headphone Amp  

      Listen to Drew Baird, P.E. and Dennis Had talk about creating this Exclusive Dragon version of the Inspire IHA-1 tube headphone amplifier.

      Mentioned in this video: Dragon Inspire IHA-1 Tube Headphone Amp


    • Chord Hugo: Connections Explained

      The Chord Hugo Hi Res USB Headphone Amp DAC has been a best seller here at Moon Audio since it launched earlier in 2014.

      We have made an entire line of custom audio cables for hifi audio connections specifically for the Chord Hugo.

      Drew made this video in order to explain and illustrate the audio connections on the Hugo and how you can optimize the sound with your headphones and digital music sources.

      Mentioned in this video: Chord HugoSilver Dragon Form Fit CableBlack Dragon Mini Coax Digital Cable, Black Dragon USB Cable


    • High End DAC's / Media Players Explained

      Drew Baird, CEO of explains and compares two High End Dac/Media Players, the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MK2 and the Bryston BDA2 & BDP2.  

      Drew also explains their input connections, network vs. direct usb computer connection, and he also shares good choices for software to use for your digital music interface and cataloging.

      Mentioned in this video: PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MK2Bryston BDA2, & Bryston BDP2


    • High End Headphones - Drew's Top Picks 

      Drew Baird, P.E., President and Owner of explains his Top Picks in High End Headphones, why he chooses these headphones including descriptions of these headphones, comparisons of many top models with one another and more.

      Drew also includes many of his Top Picks for the Best Headphone Cables by Moon Audio and how they match or complement this High End Headphones.

      Mentioned in this video: Fostex TH900Audeze LCD-3Sennheiser HD800BeyerDynamic T1Sennheiser HD 650, JH Audio JH16 Freak Phase, JH Audio 13 pros, KingSound H-1



The Moon Audio JustAskDrew Video Series was created, developed and produced from the thousands of emails that Drew receives on a daily basis. The emails come from Audiophiles, Music Lovers, Musicians, DJ's, Mixers, and more. We hope to share an overview of how Moon Audio creates, develops, and learns about this high end audio world we live in each day. We explain our Custom High End Audio Cables, Headphones, Headphone Amplifiers, Desktop Gear, Home Theater Gear and much more.

Please let us know what you think, what you would like to hear more about and how we can better serve you. We strive to educate and help you learn and discover more about high end audio each day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and comment as we strive to JOIN you in your Audiophile Dreams!

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