Pono & Dragons

Pono and Silver Dragon IEM

The Pono is a wonderful way to get High Rez Music
on the go for an affordable price.

Moon Audio can provide all your connection needs to link your Pono to a
Portable Setup or Home Stereo System.

Why Upgrade?

Utilizing the balanced output of the Pono, over the single ended typical connection, will provide more power for your headphones as well as a more dynamic and quieter presentation.

If you are only using the single ended typical connection, you are missing the full potential of the Pono. We can provide both a balanced connection straight to your headphones or we can create an adapter system for all your connection needs.

With a simple disconnect and switch of an adapter, you will have unlimited connection flexibility. Here are just a few examples of the cables we can create for you.

Pono for Portable

Silver Dragon IEM Pono

Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

"It''s just amazing the sound I''m getting out of these... It''s like going from a Hifi single speaker from the 60''s to full on 7.1 surround," Jeff U.

IEM Headphone Cables

Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable

Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Open up your IEMs and allow your Pono to really shine with the Silver Dragon.

Black Dragon IEM Headphone Cable

Black Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Hear that warm bass blasting through your Pono with Black Dragon.

Mini Cables

Black Dragon IEM Adapter Cable

Black Dragon V1 IEM Extension-Adapter Cable

Get easy connection to the Pono with the IEM adapter cable.

Silver Dragon V3 Portable Mini Cable

Silver Dragon V3 Portable Mini Cable

Seamlessly connect the Pono to portable headphone amps for on the go fun.

Pono for Home

Home Stereo Connections

Silver Dragon Portable Interconnect

Silver Dragon V3 Portable Interconnect

Connect your Pono to a 2 channel home stereo system for serious at home listening.

Black Dragon Portable Mini Cable

Black Dragon V2 Portable Mini Cable

Get the smooth, warm sound out of your Pono and into your speakers.