Oyaide 3.5 TRS Stereo Headphone Jack J-3.5SR

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When you use a headphone or an earphone, there may be some occasions that the length of the cable is not long enough and an extension cable will be required.

Oyaide has this high-quality 3.5mm female plug, J-3.5SR for pursuing good sound quality in your headphone extension cables.

The newly-developed 3.5mm female plug, J-3.5SR is produced with the pursuit of the highest sound quality in headphone extension cables.

It is constructed of accurately machined copper alloy with silver + rhodium plating.


SPEC -J-3.5 SR

Outer Cover - Copper alloy、Hard-chrome plating

Contact - Copper alloy, silver + rhodium plating

Body - Molded by glass filled resin

Release date - 2012/06/30