Oyaide 2.5mm TRS Stereo Mini Connector P-2.5SR

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Hi-quality 2.5mm Straight 3 pole Rhodium Plated Mini Plug has been added to the mini plug series for D.I.Yers who love to customize their special accessories.

Appearances of Digital music players expanded the field of listening to music unlimitedly. Due to their convenience and portability, not only general users but also audiophiles regard them as the music player of the new generation.

And then, various related accessories such as portable amp and monitors such as headphones and desktop speakers are released for better sound quality.

Changing a headphone cable is of course one of the very important factors for improvement sound quality.

Please enjoy crafting your own cables with mini plug series which are produced by the accuracy of “Made in Japan”.


Shape: 2.5 stereo mini plug 3 pole (TRS)

Pin: Brass

Cover: Brass


Pin: Two layer

cover of lower layer silver (1.5 micrometer thickness) + upper layer rhodium (0.3 micrometer thickness) : gloss chrome

Connection method: Soldering
Cable fitted diameter: 4.0 mm or less
Size: Total length 33.8 mm (pin length 10.9 mm), pin diameter 2.5 mm, cover maximum outer diameter 8.0 mm