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The EAMT-3W combines one of the most advanced hi-fi driver technologies, called Air Motion Transformer Tweeter(AMT) with Neodymium Dynamic Drivers (NDD), to deliver the finest treble performance of any earphones in its class.

Enhanced by the coaxial structure design, the in-the-ear earphones enable a brand new listening experience.

Main Features:

  • First coaxial two-way design
  • Combines AMT tweeter & Dynamic Neodymium Driver
  • Enjoy ultimate sound by adding one of Moon Audio's balanced IEM cables.

From studio recordings to live performances, the AMT and the NDD stage a full spectrum of audio. Every nuance is captured and heard. Every note is felt.

The rich wood design of the EAMT-3W not only looks elegant, but their comfort using Comply ear tips make wearing them feel sound balanced in your ears.

Air Motion Transformer

Air Motion Transformer (AMT) was developed and patented by German physicist Dr. Oskar Heil in the 1960s. The beauty about AMT is its ability to get sound to vibrate faster than a dome or cone can do. The diaphragm does not move back and forth in a simple piston-like motion but compresses like an accordion. As the space between the folds narrows, the air within is released and then sucked back in as the space expands. These relatively small motions drive more air which is ideal for a high efficiency and faithful transient behavior. With Air Motion Transformation, the oBravo EAMT-3a can do loud and fast.

Note: The precision ceramic ear cup design, EAMT-2c, you must place a special order. Contact [email protected] for more info.

  1. The world first Coaxial two-way IEM design by an implementation of AMT tweeter and NDD to deliver a rich soundstage listening experience in the earphone market.
  2. World class Comply ear tips implementation for a balanced soundstage.
  3. An Aluminum ear cup designed model, EAMT-3A, and a Precision Ceramic ear cup designed model, EAMT-3C to provide a choice for different sound styles.

Each Obravo IEM comes in 3 shell finishes. This being the driver acoustical outlet structure. 3 options are available in Aluminum, Wood or Ceramic. The composite is basically porcelain. This provides a different resonance and thus affecting the tonality of the IEM.

We have chosen and listed the versions on the website we prefer in each model series. Note the A, W or C at the end of the product number. The Aluminum versions tend to be faster paced and more balanced sounding. The Wood tends to sound smoother and more musical. The Composite tends to be more analytical and resolute. But this does not predict the overall sound as the drivers come into play. So feel free to contact us with questions as to the best choice for your desires.

The rich wood design of the EAMT-3W not only looks elegant but is also extremely comfortable.


Frequency Response: 20Hz~45KHz

Tweeter: 8mm Air Motion Transformer Tweeter

Dynamic Driver: 10mm Neodymium Driver

Impedance: 16 ohm

Sensibility in dB: 105dB

Weight: 35 g




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