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New York based Mytek Audio has introduced the new Liberty THX AAA™ HPA, an analogue headphone a… More details

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New York based Mytek Audio has introduced the new Liberty THX AAA™ HPA, an analogue headphone amplifier featuring THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology. The patented THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™), the most linear amplifier technology available today, powers the Liberty THX AAA™ HPA.


  • Maximum rated output of 6 Watts @ < 0.1 % THD
  • Output Impedance: < 0.1Ω.
  • S/N Ratio > 140dB, A-Weighted.
  • Oversized, dual-mono 60W toroidal linear power supply with automatic AC input voltage detection (100 – 240V).
  • 4-line level inputs; 3 single-ended RCA and 1 balanced XLR-¼".
  • 4 HPA outputs on the front panel: 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm balanced, ¼" TRS and 3.5mm In Ear Monitor (IEM).
  • Single-ended RCA 2-channel preamplifier output.
  • Large 27mm ALPS professional-grade volume attenuator.
  • Selectable Crossfeed / Mono circuit for speaker/radio compatibility.
  • 4-position adjustable gain circuit.
  • Automatic -12dB Gain Sensitivity drop for IEM output.

THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier

Mytek says that listening to music through the Liberty THX AAA™ HPA allows the user to hear the content as intended by the creator. This is achieved using THX’s patented feed-forward error correction circuit topology which allows the THX AAA™ based amplifier to reach its maximum output power rating while exponentially reducing noise and distortion levels, the Liberty THX AAA™ HPA encounters a reduction in distortion by up to 40dB.

THX AAA Features

  • Patented feed-forward error correction topology that nulls conventional distortion mechanisms Reduction of harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by up to 40dB, resulting in a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience
  • Enables maximum output power for greater dynamic rand and sound pressure level (SPL)
  • A convenient modular solution which includes power supply, and can operate from a single 3.6V battery Minimal bias current and highly efficient power management to optimize and extend device battery life
  • Scalability that allows incorporation into any headphone amplifier design, with the flexibility to match the required fidelity, output power, and price point
Mytek Liberty THX AAA Chart

Circuit Protection

This THX patented feed-forward topology can output a maximum current of 1 ampere and voltages reaching 25Vp-p. As a result, the Liberty THX AAA™ HPA can drive any pair of headphones available today. With such power capabilities, extensive circuit protection is of the utmost importance and the THX-888 module within this device has this fully covered. Multiple protection circuits are in place to ensure that the output relays are disabled during ‘power up’ until all power supplies reach full voltage and proper stability, and during faulty conditions like overloads and short circuits.

High-Grade Parts

The amplifier uses the highest quality gold plated connectors and a selection of the highest grade parts, including an oversized 60W toroid power transformer, separate low noise power regulators for left and right channels, and a large bank of low impedance power supply electrolytic capacitors.

Design Specifications

Mytek Liberty THX AAA-Compare Sheet

Press and Reviews

Moon Audio Review
Moon Audio

by Ricky Kovacs
Nov. 2021

Technical Features

Power Max:
MTHD min:
147 dB (A weighted)
3xRCA, 1xXLR / ¼" balanced
Amplifier Outputs:
XLR 4pin, 4.4mm, ¼" and 3.5mm
Preamplifier Outputs L&R:
Crossfeed/Mono Function:
For speaker/radio compatibility
Volume Control:
Premium 27mm analog ALPS attenuator
Power Supply:
Built in oversized 60W linear toroid with automatic voltage switching, Dual Mono Regulators
Automatic Gain Sensitivity:
Drop for In Ear Monitors
W: 5.5" x D: 8.8" x H: 1.74"=140x225x44mm
4lbs, 2kg
2 years



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