Mytek Empire Streaming DAC Preamp


Expected Feb 14th 2021

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Coming 2021!

Mytek Audio proudly introduces the EMPIRE DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier. An all-out assault on the state-of-the-art, the EMPIRE establishes Mytek as a top echelon player at the top of high end audio products category. The Streamer is “Powered by Roon OS” and features internal Roon Core that can drive both the ultra-high performance EMPIRE DAC and external Roon endpoints. There is a dual mono fully balanced differential analog preamplifier with an ultra quiet phono stage for both MC and MM cartridges. Going one step further, a high current, dual mono, fully balanced headphone amplifier is part of this extraordinary package.

The heart and soul of this state-of-the-art component is the new on-board Empire DAC, which represents the highest performance and most musically engaging Mytek DAC ever. Built around two highest performance Sabre 9038Pro DAC chipsets, this dual-mono fully-balanced circuit is capable of 32-bit/768kHz PCM, DSD512 and MQA while achieving dynamic range greater than 133dB. DAC and Preamplifier functions are controlled by a brand new MytekOS Platform, offering new functionality via easy software upgrades, gradually released in the future as the Platform progresses.

Mytek Digital Enters A New Arena

The EMPIRE streamer opens a new product category for Mytek which combines state-of-the art analog design with modern digital components, wireless connectivity, and built-in control in one great-sounding, easy to use, functional device. It draws from nearly 3 decades of award-winning digital audio engineering and manufacturing experience and reflects a forward-thinking, visionary focus on software-driven products. EMPIRE is the very finest one-box solution for both music lovers and audiophiles, all housed in a chassis milled from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum. Furthermore, as a result of both its modular hardware design and software based platform, the EMPIRE Streamer can be easily described as "future-proof". The EMPIRE Series will be extended with an addition of similarly constructed EMPIRE Monoblock Amplifiers planned for 2021.

EMPIRE DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier Significant Design Features

  • Powered by Roon OS streamer built in. Operated either via front panel touchscreen or Roon Remote on a smart device. All regular Roon functionality, with access to all online streaming services and local content. Ability to play to all endpoints
  • Cost no object dual mono all balanced audio path in analog and DAC circuits. 3 oversized linear power supplies for digital, for the left and right DAC/analog circuitry, each using shielded low noise toroidal transformer with automatic adjustment to 100-240VAC
  • 7 analog preamplifier inputs (including state of the art M/M, M/C nickel xformer based phono pre), 2 analog pre balanced inputs, each input with adjustable input sensitivity, 2 independently selectable outputs, both balanced and RCA
  • Digital DAC inputs includes: Streamer, SPDIF, AES/EBU, Optical, USB2, HDMI (2-channel), all w PCM DSD and MQA
  • Digital Streamer outputs: SPDIF, USB2, HDMI (2 - 8 channel), Ethernet and WiFi
  • Storage: Internal 8TB SSD. Accepts all external USB3, USBC and Network drives
  • Built in MytekOS DAC/Preamplifier Platform allows for future functional upgrades and new DSP features of the DAC/Preamplifier to be released throughout the life of the product. There will be 3 stages of development and functionality:
    1. Upon shipping: Firmware V1.0: Fully functional Roon OS Streamer with complete DAC output playback, volume control.
    2. Q2 2021: Firmware V2.0: as above plus full preamplifier functionality (enables functionality of already built in hardware)
    3. Q4 2021: Firmware V3.0: as above plus “a la carte” hi-res DSP features. Details TBA
  • Chassis: Silver or Black, Dimensions: (w x h x d): 17" x 3.5" x 14” / Weight: 20 lbs
  • Companion Empire Monoblock Amplifiers (8.5” wide) to be released Q2, 2021. Details TBA

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