MyTek Brooklyn AMP

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The MyTek Brooklyn AMP sounds as detailed and musical as the best Class A monoblocks, yet with half rack size and 3kg/6lbs it's tiny and light, a perfect compact, great looking modern dual mono 300W design.

Available in Silver Frost Matte and Black Frost Matte.

Brooklyn AMP is a reference power amplifier with signature MyTek sound. It is musical, detailed and transparent.

Its dual mono design breaks the sound quality spell associated with Class D and proves a well-executed Class D circuits can challenge the best Class A and sound amazing.

The amplifier is packaged in miniature 1/2 rack enclosure and it's small enough to fit in a briefcase, yet powerful to drive the largest speaker systems.

It is designed to be used as a regular stand-alone power amplifier or to complement the Brooklyn DAC for complete modern digital streaming and vinyl playback system.

Use AMP with Brooklyn DAC as modern digital streaming and vinyl Hi-Fi system.

Brooklyn AMP

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Audiophile Style Review
Audiophile Style

by PurpleWarrior
Aug. 2019


General Features

Power Ratings at 1% THD
at 16 Ohm - dual mono 2 x 130 W
at 8 Ohm - dual mono 2 x 250 W
at 4 Ohm - dual mono 2 x 300 W
at 2 Ohm - dual mono 2 x 400 W
Peak - dual mono 2 x 1200 W
Output Swing
70 Vp / 140 Vpp (unloaded)
> 121 dB
Frequency response -3dB
10Hz - 30kHz
Protection Circuitry
Short circuit protection, DC protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, overload protection
THD Regular Use
Damping Factor
DC Power on Trigger
12VDC minijack
Worldwide Power Supply
100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
WxDxH = 8.5x9.5x1.74" = 216x241x44mm
6lbs, 3kg
2 years

2 Year Warranty