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High End Headphone Testimonials

Moon Audio customers share headphone experiences...

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Howard, online review

“I asked Drew what he would recommend to use with my HUGO. He quickly responded and there was no hesitation in his response. He recommended the Fostex TH900 with his remarkable Silver Dragon. I love the combination. Plus, they are gorgeous.” Fostex

Headphone Testimonials

Moon Audio Best Selling Headphones Customer Feedback


OMG...all I can say is the Audeze LCD-XC w/ the Silver Dragon V3 headphone cable, Astell & Kern100 (player) and RSA71B (headpone amp) is an astounding rig. My favorite portable one. Excellent Sound, online review


Did you know there is a string section in All I Want Is You by U2? Neither did I until listening to my Shure's SE846 with Silver Dragon cables. The clarity of those strings is what I love about my Shures & Dragons. Scenttrail, online review

JH Audio

Excellent headphones! Build quality is excellent. The sound is very detailed and dense. Polden, online review


Incredible accuracy. A soundstage as wide as the Grand Canyon. Absolutely no veil to the music. Vocals are so crisp and clean, it's as if you are standing right next to artist. Jeff, online review of Shure HD800 + Silver Dragon cable

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