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Silver Dragon Premium Headphone Cable

"So good that I had to find time to extend my listening sessions. The combination of the Dragon Cable and Susvara makes the best headphones I’ve ever heard even better. Got mine custom made to plug them directly to the XLR outputs of the Chord TT2 and couldn’t believe my ears."

G.X.3.L, Customer Review

Working with Drew

"This is my 3rd Silver Dragon Cable and each one has been outstanding. Drew, thanks for doing what you do."

JAG, Customer Review
Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable


"The cable arrived very quickly to France. It made a huge difference to the sound on my Audeze LCD-X."

Carlo, Customer Review
Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable

Quality and Workmanship

"I've always bought good cables in the past but these are ridiculous. Each album I listen to is like I'm listening to it again for the very first time."

Kenny Gulag, Customer Review
Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable

Customer Service

"I purchased the Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 headphone cable for Sennheiser HD800. Drew, from Moon Audio responded quickly to my messages and was delivered quickly to Finland. I noticed highs go higher than with stock cable and soundstage seems more refined."

Triology, Customer Review
Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable

Silver Dragon Interconnects

"Bought Silver Dragon interconnects after an Absolute Sound review. Solid tight bass, non-exaggerated treble, a full midrange. Sound stage went beyond the (more expensive) R/L (cables). Dead quiet. I heard things not as defined in other cables. Silver Dragons are a stand-out."

Trace, Customer Review