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Michael, online Review

Chord Hugo

“I thought my Fostex TH900 headphones were pretty good. Then I got the Hugo and they were great. Then I got the Silver Dragon USB cable and and I am 100% set (at least until I go to Drew's booth at next year's RMAF CanJam)."

Amp Testimonials

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Astell & Kern

Order process was smooth and my AK100 II was shipped fast! I love this little player. Loading my files was simple.Another smooth transaction from the very professional staff at Moon Audio. Nytryder77, online review.


Sound is authoritative, dynamic, neutral and low in noise & distortion. Imaging is great. The construction quality is typical Bryston and when combined with their warranty it is a HUGE value. My compliments to James Tanner and the Bryston team on a winner. AudioJunkie, online review


I read a review of the Aurender line, and was struck by how every review stated that the Aurender (any Aurender) was a big step-up from a MacBook or PC as the music server....It's true. Alex O., online review.

Dragon Inspire

I have very good HP amplifiers (EC Electra, AV Luminare, Schiit Mjolnir...) but this one is special...Addictive listening...Ben, online review.

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