MK Sound X12 THX Subwoofer

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NEW The X12 THX active subwoofers are intended for use in the most demanding studio applications.

However, many homeowners are discovering their appeal whenever the finest music or home cinema is required.

The X12 uses dual 12 inch woofers in MK Sounds classic push pull configuration. This design eliminates drive unit distortion and delivers 6db of additional output giving enhanced bass detail, articulation, authority and impact.

The X Series subwoofers follow the World Known THX program and each individual model deliver performance well within the very strict THX requirements.

The bottom end of the audio spectrum is a crucial component in making the listening experience that much more real so the X12 packs the punch of the explosive special effects as well as the subtle hum of the ambient noise.

Bass Drivers

The all-new X Series 8⬝, 10⬝ and 12⬝ woofers have been tailored specifically to fulfill M&K Sound's ambitious performance requirements. They employ open baskets for free air circulation, resulting in minimal mechanical distortion by eliminating any captive compressed air mass behind the cone. Cast baskets also offer a very rigid connection to the cabinet and improved heat dissipation from the motor system for reduced power compression.

Introducing the Distortion Killers

The M&K Sound X Series implements aluminum AC shorting rings in the magnet system and aluminum pole spacers above the pole piece. These devices make a significant contribution to the X Series subwoofers' ability to render extraordinary fine dynamic bass detail with high precision at all levels as the drivers maintain full control and respond instantaneously to the incoming signal, for unparalleled accuracy and authority in the bottom octaves.

Push Pull

The X Series subwoofers build on the proven M&K Sound concept of dual drivers operating in push-pull configuration in a sealed enclosure for in-room response flat to well below 20 Hz with transient speed, precision and weight that other subwoofers simply cannot match.

SBR Suspension

The X Series half-roll suspension is designed to deliver extended longstroke cone motion with no mechanical losses within the driver's linear excursion range. The surround is also designed to provide a high degree of damping of pressure build-up inside the cabinet in order to avoid collapse modes in the surround in the presence of large input voltage

Overhung Voice Coil on Titanium Former

The non-inductive Titanium voice coil formers effectively eliminate mechanical damping in the moving coil. Titanium formers offer key advantages, including mechanical rigidity and extreme thermal stability. The long coil diameter of 2⬝ ensures long, linear cone motion and extraordinary power handling.

Why Your system Needs an M&K Sound X Series Subwoofer

Above and beyond the obvious, simplistic answer:



Amplifier Power
400 Watts RMS / 700 Watts Peak
Frequency Response
20 - 200Hz &plusminus; 2 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.5%, 400 Watts, 4 Ohm
AC Power Consumption
0.5W standby, 60W average, 500W max.
AC Line Voltage
100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 5A
LFE Input
L/R Line Level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
LFE Passthrough Output
L/R LIne Level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
Switchable Lowpass Filters
Fixed 80 Hz / Variable / No lowpass
0-180 Degrees, continuously variable
Volume Control
Continuously variable / Fixed THX
Switchable LFE
Optional THX or MK EQ mode


Black Satin
25.8" H x 17.3" W x 17.8" D (65.6cm x 44.0cm x 45.3cm)
79.3 lbs (36kg)



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