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MK Sound yields a very smooth response time over a wide area or listening window which is very important for a home theater room. It also provides a very coherent, true and real sound from a variety of distances.

This is THE loudspeaker that helped shape Home Theater (and music recording) into what it is today……the legendary and accredited S-150. For the first time since its introduction nearly 15 years ago, the S-150 has been updated in every aspect, from driver technologies to crossover design to cabinet tuning and construction. The result is the new S-150MKII THX Ultra2.

Superior quality. Futuristic performance.

The first true update to the classic M&K S150 speaker, the new Miller & Kreisel S150 redefines sound quality and performance. The S150 is still the speaker to beat when it comes to reference monitors for professional cinema sound design or stereo recording. The new Miller & Kreisel S150 builds upon that impressive legacy by updating the design with new acoustic technology refinements.

It's hard to beat perfection. That's why we've strived to perfect it. We've taken the innovative high-performance technologies from the S300 and integrated them into the new Miller & Kreisel S150. These upgrades bring the Miller & Kreisel S150 into the future and deliver new levels of sound quality to the most demanding customers in the world.

No coloration or hyped frequencies. What you hear is what you get. The Miller & Kreisel S150 redefines what perfection is while providing a clearer sense of presence. They deliver an impressively transparent soundstage that maintains the three-dimensionality, body, weight and emotional impact, making them an ideal choice for home theater installations.

Built on the S300

  • Created using the technologies, innovations and learnings from the newly redesigned S300.
  • Selected components derived from 300 series.

New Danish-designed high-performance tweeters

  • 28 mm vented voice coils provide high power handling and extended linearity
  • 28 mm high-precision coated soft dome.
  • One-piece heavy duty cast aluminum Triple Tweeter Array plate.
  • Specially constructed resonance-damped tweeter magnet-system for precise transient control.
  • Integrated waveguide combined with short horn load for wide dispersion and smooth frequency response

New 5.25-inch woofers

  • Aluminum distortion-killer rings for reduced distortion at high SPL levels
  • New extra-stiff coated fiberglass cone with special M&K profile geometry.
  • Vented pole piece in magnet system for low compression performance.
  • Vented voice coil for low compression.

New optimized crossovers

  • Phase-focused crossover designs optimized for low crossover points and transient control
  • New proprietary M&K Sound interconnect cables.

Bass Power and midrange finesse

The exclusive, custom designed MK Sound 5.25⬝ bass/midrange drive unit represents the culmination of over three decades of intensely focused transducer design. While most loudspeaker manufacturers make specious boasts that their drivers are



4 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power
2 x 5.25" Fiberglass
High Frequency Driver
3 x 1.1" Soft Fabric Dome
Frequency Response
75 Hz - 20 kHz ±3dB
92 dB, 2.83V1m


Black Satin
12.5" H x 10.4" W x 12.2" D (31.8cm x 26.6cm x 30.8cm)
25.4 lbs (11.5kg)
MK Sound S150 dimensions