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Aurender Magazine

Aurender makes listening to your high-resolution music collections easy and fun.

As home audio systems go, Aurender is at the top of the line creating world renowned music servers, music players, amps & DACs. These high quality products caught Moon Audio’s eye very early in the game and it is clear that Aurender can hold its own among other major players like Chord Electronics, BMC and PS Audio.

Aurender Company Profile

In 2011, South Korean company Widealab introduced the first Aurender music server, S10, to the world. Widealab was founded by Harry Lee, engineer and music lover, who wanted an improved music server to meet his high standards.

With a team of seventeen talented engineers, Harry Lee’s Aurender S10 became a sensation receiving praises around the world.

It was during the production of the Aurender W10, the follow up of the S10 that Harry Lee merged Widealab with TVLogic. TVLogic designs and manufactures very high end television monitors. Lee became the Director of the Smart Audio Division of TVLogic and he and his team have grown the Aurender line with products dedicated to their audiophile passion.

The beauty about Aurender is that at the end of the day, the Aurender team is very dedicated to the task of bringing high quality products and services to music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Moon Audio has the same mentality, determined to make the high-end audio world an experience everyone can enjoy. When you mix Moon Audio Dragon Cables with the Aurender product line you are creating an environment designed by and for music lovers.

Harry Lee and Sally Jeung of Aurender
photo: courtesy of

Aurender Connections

How to connect Aurender

The Aurender line of products includes what you need to setup an entire home audiophile system. Aurender produces amps & DACs, digital music processors and music servers.

How to connect Aurender

The Aurender line of products includes what you need to setup an entire home audiophile system. Aurender produces amps & DACs, digital music processors and music servers.

The general setup of an Aurender home audio system looks like this:

Aurender System Setup

As you can see the basic setup starts at a wireless router which is connected to a music server like the Aurender N100H. The Aurender is then connected to a USB DAC or DAC/Headphone Amp combination which is then connected to a set of speakers.

The setup is easy, you just need the right cables for the job.

Router to Aurender Music Server

The first step is to connect the wireless router to the Aurender Music Server with an ethernet cable.

The ethernet cable connects the Aurender Music Server to the local network for file sharing and internet access. Connecting with an ethernet cable is the best way to have files transfer to the Aurender Music Server.

Ethernet Cable
Typical Ethernet Cable
photo:courtesy of

Aurender Music Server to USB DAC

Connect Music Server to DAC
Basic USB A to USB B Connection

For a quick and easy connection between the Aurender Music Server and a USB DAC we suggest using a USB audio Cable. Moon Audio creates custom Dragon USB cables that can easily fit the USB connections of most home audio setups. Learn more about our upgrade Dragon USB Cables.

Note: You must have a headphone amp in the mix if you plan on using your Aurender music server with headphones. You can either do this by having a DAC/headphone amp combination unit or by having both a DAC and a headphone amp.

Headphone Amp to Speakers

Aurender Amps to Speakers
Basic Headphone Amp to Speaker Connection

The next connection in the Aurender setup is the Headphone Amp to Speaker connection.

To do this we suggest using the Black Dragon Speaker Cable V2. You can customize the length of the cable to make it compatible to your home audio setup.

Learn more about upgrade Dragon Audio Cables for Aurender.

This completes your home audio system. If you have questions on more Aurender connections ask us here!

Aurender App

Aurender music servers and music players come with a remote app available for Apple iPad and Android devices. The app allows you to catalog and store all of your music. You can also stream Tidal using the Aurender remote app (Apple only).


  • Intuitive user interface
  • One click addition of the song to the play queue
  • Song title, artist, genre, composer filter
  • DSD, 16/24bit, sampling rate filter
  • Rating filter
  • Album front and back cover support
  • Gapless playback
  • Go to artist, go to album feature
  • Integrated TIDAL service (separate subscription required)
  • Power search (64bit iPad only)
  • Both iPad app and 'Lite' Android app for phone supported.
  • Android app will run on tablets but the UI of the app is optimized for Android smartphones.
    (Supports Android devices with OS of Kit-Kat or later versions.)

Aurender App Apple iTunes

Installation & Setup

To install & setup the app follow these steps:

  1. Connect the Aurender music server to:
    • A power outlet using the AC power cord that came in the box or with an upgrade Black Dragon Power Cord V1.

    • Make sure that the voltage marked on the rear panel matches the local voltage.

    • Connect a wireless router with Internet connection using an Ethernet (LAN) cable.

    • Connect to a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) or to an amplifier with digital inputs using an appropriate digital cable.

  2. Turn on Aurender music server and make sure it is connected to the internet.

  3. With your iPad or Android device install the Aurender application

    Aurender app for Apple iDevices

  4. Open the app. Your Aurender device will show up under the Aurender settings tab of the app.

    Aurender App settings

  5. Select your Aurender music server and a window will popup asking for a passcode.

  6. Find the passcode on the Aurender music server's front AMOLED display. Enter the passcode in the popup screen.

    Aurender Registration

  7. Go to the Upgrade tab in the settings menu and press "Check for the latest version" to ensure the app is up-to-date.

    The Aurender music server will automatically update after upgrading. Once it reboots, close the Aurender app and restart it.

    Aurender softwar updates

  8. You can set the time and language via the settings tab by pressing the "Set Aurender to iPad Time and Language" button located at the bottom of the Aurender tab.

    Aurender time and date settings

  9. From here you can transfer the music files. Learn how.

  10. Once you transfer the music scan for newly added files using the Scanner menu.

    Aurender new music scan

    Scanning will continue in the background, even when songs are selected and played. Please note that it can take a long time to scan large libraries.

  11. After scanning is done, a pop up window will appear stating that the database is being downloaded.

    If the download fails to finish or gets stuck, please move closer to the wireless router and press Update song database. The time to download the database varies according to song database size and wireless connection speed between the wireless router and the iPad. It can be a few seconds or a few minutes.

    Aurender App music scanner

Note: Now, when files are added, deleted, or moved, the Aurender will automatically scan and update the song database. Scanning will start one minute after no more files are added, deleted, or moved.

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