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The Astell & Kern Magazine is your all inclusive information guide with "how to's", comparisons, connections, and everything you need to know about your Astell & Kern music players, in ear monitors (IEMs) to help them perform at optimum sound quality.

Company Profile

Astell & Kern is a branch of iRiver, a South Korean based electronic and entertainment company started by former Samsung executives...

Dragon Cables

This is where Moon Audio comes into play. We specialize in crafting custom cables to improve multitudes of headphones, earphones and audiogear. We were approached by JH Audio and Astell & Kern to design the stock cables that are now included in all new Sirens Series models.


We recommend pairing your AK music player with a great Digital Analog Converter (DAC) such as Chord's Hugo or Mojo or iQube's V1 or V5. Use Moon Audio's Silver Dragon toslink cables to connect between your DAC'c OPT (optical out) and AK's "multi-port" headphone jack (i.e. it can communicte with headphones or DACs / amps).

AK Music Players Comparison

Astell & Kern has a wide range of music players for any budget. You can find top of the line music players with lots of memory to store your high resolution files.

Astell & Kern Videos

A&ultima SP1000Music & Media Player Unboxing


IEM ConnectionsHow to connect Black Dragon


KANN UnboxingOne Player to Rule Them All


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