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King Sound KS-H3 Electrostatic Headphones

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Sold Out & Discontinued.

The KS-H3 headphones have a new, improved headband, drivers, and a superior sound than the original, KS-H1.

"(the KS-H3 & M20 are)...unmistakably a high-resolution headphone experience...transparency, extraordinarily low distortion, and sensitive dynamic resolution...with special regard for harmonic richness and tonal integrity" Headphone.Guru Review, Chris Sommovigo.

"the...KS-H3 headphones and the amp...bring a new level of transparency and musical enjoyment to headphone listening...(they) are highly resolving, superbly balanced and wonderfully musical...," Frank Alles, Stereo Times Review

Headphone.Guru Review by Chris Sommovigo - Sept. 2014

You must use an electrostatic headphone amp to drive electrostatic headphones.

A traditional amplifier will not work. See electrostatic headphone technology explained here in depth.

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How do Electrostatic headphones and speakers work?
The electrostatic loudspeaker is very simple in concept, but difficult to construct successfully in practice. lts operation relies on electrostatic attraction and repulsion, in much the same way as a piece of thin paper attracted to a rubber balloon that is charged by rubbing it against fabric.

The electrically charged ultra-thin conductive film diaphragm is tensioned and placed close between two metal grids. When a high voltage audio signal is applied to the metal grids, the diaphragm moves in response to the signal, moving towards the grid which at that instant is oppositely charged, and away from the grid which has the same charge as the diaphragm. The diaphragm responds in an essentially linear manner, producing sound waves which are a very accurate reproduction of the original sound.
Why is it better?
Imagine a normal speaker as a point source, from which the sound waves produced diffract at a great angle. This causes rapid decrease in volume and quality over a short distance. Then imagine a flat electrostatic panel producing sound from the same input signal. This time the sound waves are produced over a large, flat area, therefore they have very little diffraction and the volume decreases much less over the same distance.

Frequency Response 6Hz - 46KHz
Electrostatic Capacity 140pF
Impedence   113kΩ (at 10kHz)
Sensitivity 109 dB (at 100vrms)
Maximum Output Sound Level 116dB
Standard Bias Voltage 550Vdc
Weight   0.46kg

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Outstanding Value, stacks up well against mid-level Stax
I purchased a set of KS-h3 headphones and I was very skeptical as I own Stax 404 and 507's. At first I did not like them and was switching back and forth between the 507's with my SRM-006t and the H3's. Then the H3's warmed up and I realized the irrating ech to the the vocals that were on the 507's were missing from the h3's.

Now I have never heard a top of the line Stax but as far as compared to Stax mid-level amps and phones, the Kingsound to me clearly sounded better.

Not as good at the highs as the Stax, but much more balanced with less listening fatigue and believe it or not, more comfortable.
August 5, 2015
Excellent Foray into Electrostatics
The H-03 offer a clean, detailed, balanced and always-musical listening experience. I personally preferred the transparency, dimensionality and bass extension when paired with the solid state M-10 amplifier.

The M-20 brings a more substantial midrange and overall "thicker" presentation which is great with vocals.

The H-03 are very light and comfortable for lengthy listening sessions. I preferred the H-03 w/the M-10 to the Stax SR-407/507 w/the Woo WEE and my Qinpu integrated.

Bruckner's 4th Symphony never sounded better!
July 12, 2015
Incredible sounding headphones.
I first started exploring these when I read Steve Guttenberg's review. I have always preferred electrostatic headphones but the sets I had were all from the seventies and I wanted better drivers.

These are the best headphones I have ever heard! The construction quality is very good but not excellent - for example, there are visible swirls on the metalwork and the ear pads looked and felt cheap. Worse, they were just uncomfortable - too shallow for my fairly large ears and the fit of the headphones was too loose on my head.

I replaced the stock pads with sheepskin pads for the Audeze LCD-2. They are a perfect, easy replacement (took about a minute) and now they are vastly more comfortable. I will not claim that the pads make them sound better (they don't) but I also do not sense any degradation in the sound quality due to changing the distance of the drivers from my ear. In other words, they sound great and now they feel great. Look better, too.

I drive them with a good speaker amp and a Woo Wee.
January 5, 2015
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