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JH Audio Videos JH Audio Videos

JH Audio Videos

If you have questions about connections, how to get an ear impression or just want to learn more about JH Audio we have all the videos you need here.

How to Connect Dragon cables to Siren Series IEMs

The new Siren Series IEMs from JH Audio and Astell & Kern have the new 4 pin connector for a more secure connection. In this video you can see how easy it is to connect your favorite Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2or Black Dragon IEM headphone cable V2 to JH Audio IEMs.

How to get an ear Impression

In this video from snapascrew you can see how simple it is to get an ear impression. The impression you get from your audiologist is sent to Moon Audio and we organize everything so you can get your custom IEMs quickly.

Drew's Top Picks - High End Headphones

Drew is often asked what are his favorite headphones/earphones and the JH16 pro always ranks high in the list. Fast-forward to hear him talk about why the JH16 pro is one of his favorites starting at 11:06.

Jerry Harvey: "The Rise of the In-Ear Monitor" | Talks at Google

Jerry Harvey, founder of JH Audio, talks about in ear monitors and growing popularity in this Google talk video.

JH Audio Andy Regan Q&A and Drivers Discussion

Andy Regan's kicks off video Q&A to answer frequently asked questions about JH Audio drivers, IEMs and more.

JH Audio Introduces Lola

Jerry Harvey discusses his most recent product, Lola. Lola™ Hybrid IEMs feature Dual Low and Quad High Balanced Armatures and Dual Dynamic 4.9mm Drivers that utilize patent pending D.O.M.E™ Midrange Enclosure Technology.

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