Dragon IEM Cables

Moon Audio Dragon IEM cables have different characteristics. When selecting a Dragon headphone cable it is first important to consider the sound you looking for.

You might either be looking for a more analytical, audiophile sound or a fun, bass enhanced sound.

We offer two Dragon IEM cables to fit your JH Audio IEMs. Depending on your choice, you can customize the sound of your IEMs to your sweet spot.

Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon is our top of the line IEM headphone cable. Our Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable V1 has won multiple awards including TAS Editor’s Choice Award and PFO’s Writer’s Choice Award.

The Silver Dragon offers more clarity, instrumentation and musicality. The sound stage and presentation is opened wider for a more spacious feel.

We often recommend the Silver Dragon for those who love Jazz, Classical and other genres where detail is more important.

Black Dragon

The Black Dragon IEM cable has a warmer signature over the Silver Dragon.

The Black Dragon provides a great musical presentation and sound stage depth. You will still hear more clarity and instrumentation but with a greater bottom end.

We recommend the Black Dragon to those who prefer Rock & Roll, EDM and other fun, bass heavy music genres.

This does not mean that the Black Dragon will make the bass over-powerful but it will provide you with more control over that bass.