JH Audio Connections

When buying a new Silver Dragon or Black Dragon IEM headphone cable you need to pay attention to the JH IEM connections.

There are two types of connections available on the JH Audio IEMs. The Pro series (excluding the JH13v2) have a 2 pin connection whereas the Siren Series & JH13v2 have a 4 pin connection.

How do I connect Dragon cables to my JH Audio IEMs?

JH Audio 2 pin connection

JH Audio 2 pin connector

JH Audio 2 pin connector

Available for:

Moon Audio two Dragon IEM headphone cables for the JH Audio 2 pin connection:

Choose right connection:

When customizing your Dragon IEM cable be sure to choose the JH Audio (2 pin) connection in the drop down.

JH Audio connection option

You will notice that the 2 pin connector also fits many other headphone brands such as Gorilla Ears, Ultimate Ears, and Noble Audio.

You can then customize the cable per your specific needs.

JH Audio 4 pin connection

JH Audio 4 pin connector

JH Audio 4 pin connector

Available for:

We also make two cables for the JH Audio 4 pin connection as well:

Choose right connection:

There is only one connection option for the Silver Dragon and Black Dragon IEM headphone cables V2.

When selecting your cable you can customize the length and amplifier connection of the cable.

If you need help deciding which Dragon is right for your JH Audio IEMs check out Drew’s Recommendations.

Connect Dragons to JH Audio IEMs

All JH Audio IEMs specify the right and left shells and our Dragon cables are marked to specify the correct connection.

The JH Audio IEMs are marked with a Red or Blue dot or lettering to identify Right and Left shells.



The Moon Audio Dragon cables have an R or L marking the Right or Left channels.

Dragon Cable heatshrink

To correctly connect a Dragon cable to a JH Audio IEM you must match the Red dot to the Right channel and the Blue dot to the Left.

Watch how to connect Dragon cables to JH Audio Siren Series IEMs.