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In 2013 Jerry Harvey Audio revolutionized the IEM industry with the introduction of the Roxanne™ custom in-ear monitor. The introductory piece to our Siren Series, Roxanne was the first 12 driver in-ear monitor, and incorporated the first 4-Pin cable design. This 4-Pin design, and the only cable to incorporate variable bass control, became the staple of Jerry Harvey Audio and has since been used on 5 other products, Layla™, Lola™, Angie™, JH16v2™ and JH13v2™.

JHAudio is now pleased to introduce its latest iteration, the Roxanne AION.AION represents Jerry Harvey Audio's past, present, and future achievements. We have taken the original Roxanne sound signature and combined with our ever-evolving industry-leading manufacturing processes, plus our newest Patent Pending technologies and designs to make the new Roxanne AION the best sounding and most advanced earphone available.

Roxanne AION universal fit earphones are manufactured in Orlando, Florida by the same talented engineers and technicians responsible for producing JHA’s line of custom earphones, seen in thousands of ears and on professional stages around the world.Each Roxanne AION begins as a carbon fiber block formed by compressing hundreds of layers of resin-infused carbon fiber fabric. After undergoing an initial machining process, and then a secondary hand shaping process, Roxanne AION is precision tuned using state-of-the-art equipment and assembled by hand. A striking faceplate design of white and black pearloid with oversized chrome logos makes Roxanne AION one of the most visually appealing universal fit earphones yet!


Powered by soundrIVe™: 12 Drivers per side: Quad Low, Quad Mid, and Quad High Proprietary Balanced Armatures

Freq|phase™: Patented technology ensures the correct phase and time alignment of all frequencies, resulting in the most accurate music reproduction of any earphone available

Sonic Tube Chassis™: 3D printed chambers house the 12-driver configuration and implement freqphase™ technology - allows for a smaller shell design without bending on sound quality

Machined Carbon Fiber Shell: Hundreds of layers of compressed carbon fiber fabric infused with resin and formed into an ergonomic ear shape for better fit and stability

Acoustic Sound Chamber™: Recessed tube system keeps sweat away and alleviates the need for excessive cleaning

7-pin Cable Connector: German-made, military-grade, iridium connection, designed to create tight grip at connection, while easing insertion and removal. Built-in O-ring keeps the connection between the cable and earpiece sweat proof

Silver-Plated OCC Litz Cable Wire: High purity OFC 4N Silver-plated cable with German-made, military-grade, iridium connector, designed to create a tight grip at connection, while easing insertion and removal. Built-in O-ring keeps the connection between the cable and earpiece sweat proof. The robust cable will not oxidize and features upgraded memory wire around the ear.

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Major HiFi Review
Major HiFi

by Gabby Bloch
May 2020


General Features

Layla AION
Universal fit IEM
12BA per side (4 High / 4 Mid / 4 Low)
Frequency Response
10Hz to 23kHz
Input Sensitivity
119dB @ 1mW
15 ohm
Noise Isolation

Package Includes

  • Roxanne AION IEMs
  • Silver-Plated OFC Litz Wire Cable (2.5mm 4-pole balanced) Cable
  • 3 pairs of Comply™ eartips
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Jeweler's screwdriver (for adjusting bass)
  • Owners Manual
  • Machined Aluminum Flip Top Carrying Case
  • one year warranty*

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