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The Jerry Harvey Audio team has been working for over a year to design the new Performance Series Universal Fit IEMs: JH16v2 Pro, JH13v2 Pro, Roxanne and Lola.

Reducing the size by about 40%, the new shells are made with state of the art 3D Printing Technology to ensure proper fit, retention, and an acoustic seal for a custom-like IEM experience.

The Story

Many people struggle with getting Universal IEMs to fit and seal properly, a crucial component for getting a good bass response and taking advantage of the sonic performance of any earpiece. In response to JH Audio's consumers? feedback, they decided that a proper analysis in the form of a yearlong study was necessary.

JH Audio has handmade thousands of Custom IEMs for Top Artists around the world, and with over 30,000 sets of ear molds in their Orlando Lab to reference, they were able to analyze the fit differences and the ergonomics of Custom versus Universal fit shells.

Custom fit IEMs, made from exact impressions of the human ear, share certain geometry and angles. One of those similarities is a 10% up angle of the sound bore. The sound bore adjustment and refined shape of the ear bowl and helix area provides a custom-like fit and seal like no other Universal IEM.

Shell Comparisons Custom Full Metal Performance Series

3D Printing

JH Audio 3-D Printer

In order to achieve their new Universal IEM shell shape, JHA is utilizing both 3D Modeling and 3D Printing technology. They have invested in a new Quarter of a Million Dollar 3D Printing system. Every angle on the new shell and sound bore has been carefully redesigned to provide the user with a smaller overall shell size and a more naturally fitting sound bore. These adjustments allow users to more easily position the earpiece for optimum fit inside the ear, and to ensure a perfect seal and comfortable fit every time.

This shell design is only achieved through 3D printing processes. Universal IEMs are then assembled and finished by hand, one pair at a time, as always at JHA. Then, they are tested and matched to within 1db +/- of our reference curve. This level of attention to detail and craftsmanship is unheard in their industry, as most manufacturers only match within 3db +/- of their reference curves.

The Performance

Performance Universal IEM models: JH16v2 Pro, Roxanne, JH13v2 Pro and Lola.

JH Audio Performance Series 13v2 16v2 Roxanne Lola

To introduce this series they have selected their most popular and most highly reviewed IEM?s in the Pro and Audiophile communities. The JH16v2 Pro, JH13v2 Pro, Roxanne and Lola IEMs are currently used by some of the biggest Touring Artists in the world including: U2, Garth Brooks, Lady Gaga, Guns N' Roses, Maroon 5, and many more.

13v2 JH Audio Performance Series IEM

The JH13v2 Performance Universal Fit IEM features Eight Balanced Armatures, Steel Tube Waveguide, and Moon Audio 4-pin connector and cable, with +10db of adjustable bass per ear.

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16v2 JH Audio Performance Series IEM

The JH16v2 Performance Universal Fit IEM has secured its place among the most coveted in-ear monitors used by the biggest touring artists in the world with off the charts performance you have to hear to believe.

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Lola JH Audio Performance Series IEM

Lola Universal Fit will be available as part of the JHA Performance Series in a 3D-printed Universal Fit shell for custom-like fit without the need for ear impressions. This Hybrid IEM uses the all-new D.O.M.E (Dual Opposed Mid Enclosure) technology which handles 200Hz to 3kHz, Dual Low Balanced Armature covering from 10Hz to 200Hz, and a Quad Balanced Armature from 3kHz to 20kHz.

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Roxanne JH Audio Performance Series IEM

Roxanne became an instant legend when she was released over two years ago. As the first IEM in the innovative Siren Series, it introduced the locking 4-pin connector and on-cable adjustable bass attenuator. Roxanne Performance UF is a logical choice for the Performance Series, with a solid bass response and a naturally wide soundstage for one of the most musical IEMs ever produced.

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