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Isolation Platforms

Science and aesthetics are given equal footing in the potent Model A CLD amplifier isolation platform. Detailed construction employs the latest technology in resonance dampening within a fine hardwood exterior. There is no reason to place your audiophile equipment on anything less.

Key components, particularly amplifiers, suffer compromised instrumental richness and detail due to resonance inherent in the electronics of transformers. This resonance can further degrade the accuracy of other sensitive components, aggravating the distortion in bass range and depth.

State-of-the-art audio systems are dedicated to accurate reproduction of music. For this to be accomplished, it is necessary to begin with the silent operation of the independent components so the music is the only actor on the audio stage. Consider the accuracy of your high-quality amplifiers… they are lending their state-of-the-art detail and richness to amplify the inherited noise and resonance from your turntable! Every flaw in inferior dampening is reproduced with absolute clarity! You can let your amplifier concentrate on the true music by properly isolating your components with isolation platforms manufactured with encapsulated dampening materials. This grants an improved 3-D stereoscape and tighter, more accurate bass.

Core Furniture uses a proprietary manufacturing paradigm with a variety of natural materials trapped in unevenly sized cells within a skin of hardwood. This design captures and mitigates resonance over a large range of frequencies without compromising the beauty of furniture.

Isolation platforms can be used for amplifiers, turntables, and even speaker stands or entire rack systems for improved sonic purity and tumbrel integrity.
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