iQube headphone amp dac v5

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iQube V5 Portable Headphone Amp & DSD DAC has a redeveloped famous class D output stage. It is a vast improvement over the iQube V3 with this reengineered output stage capable of driving even the most difficult headphones like the Sennheiser HD800.

For Apple idevices, you'll need a CCK USB cable

The casing design of the iQube V5 is the only thing that remained the same on this upgrade from the iQube V3 to this V5, but they did succeed in making it even lighter. Bruno Putzeys and Bart van der Laan have surpassed themselves with this new design class D output stage design. In fact, the iQube has been awarded "best in class" and "best in transparency" many years in a row. Qables has developed a full new iQube with this Version 5 including many changes like a four layer medical grade type PC board, new class D output stages, a new, stronger, more powerful, power supply based on a Lithium Ion cell with double the play time, and a digital controlled charging stage, a full new digital section capable of any signal you can think of including DSD single dual rate DoP, a Floored noise level, a Full new digital controlled user interface with embedded software and coloured LED lighting.

Features of the iQube V5:

  • New class D output stages
  • New power supply based on a Lithium Ion cell, more power driven, more than double in play time, digital controlled charging stage
  • Full new digital section capable of any signal you can think of including DSD single dual rate DoP
  • Floored noise level, by means of a new PC board and redesigned analogue sections
  • Full new digital controlled user interface by means of embedded software and coloured LED’s
  • Lighter weight casing design with same look as the V3

For connection to a Apple iDevice a USB A to USB Mini B (OTG) cable in conjunction with an Apple Camera Connection Kit is required. See this cable and some additional upgrade cable ordering options above.

The iQube V5 comes with the following accesories:

  1. Basic 6" 1/8" mini to 1/8" mini analog cable
  2. Basic 6" TRRS mini to female RCA adapter cable for connection to a Coax Digital Source
  3. Basic USB A to USB Mini B digital cable
  4. Rubber Band and Velcro Strap


Technical Features

200mV output (typ) 0.0045%, max output 0.025%
Frequency response
200mV into a 16 ohm load: Analogue input 5 – 50kHz (-1dB)
160mW_16 ohm, 80mW_32 ohm, 12mW_200 ohm
<0.1 ohm @ f<5kHz, <1,5 ohm @ 20kHz
Output noise
7uV (unweighted)
DAC type
CS4392, 24 bit delta sigma, 114dB dynamic range
USB PCM audio
24 bit 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz asynchronous
Supported Signals
DSD single (DSD64) and dual Rate (DSD128) over DoP (0x05/0xFA) and dCS (0xAA)
Analogue input
70hr playtime
Digital input
40hr playtime