iBasso DC01 Hi-Res Balanced DAC Cable Adapter

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Small DAC, but not small sound.

Featuring 32bit/384kHz Hi Res Audio in a Velvet Sound AK4493 DAC, this little DAC cable adapter brings big sound.

iBasso DC01 features and specifications part 1

Desktop Level DAC Chip

The DC01 supports up to 32bit/384kHz PCM decoding and up to 256x Native DSD decoding, with a THD+N below 0.001% and providing high power output of up to 113mW @32ohm. With this you are more fully able to make full use of quality of your valuable music. Wonderful HiFi music starts from the heart of the music source.

The AK4493 is a desktop level stereo DAC chip, featuring AKM’s Velvet Sound technology. The signal-to-noise ratio has been improved when compared to the previous AK4490. It can be found in new generation desktop DACs and is widely used in high end portable audio players. With extensive work we have implemented the AK4493 into the compact DC01 DAC cable adapter.

Comparison with Entry Level Audio Player

Entry Level Audio Player

  • DAC: ES9218P/ES9018Q2C (usually used on smartphones)
  • Output: <80mW @32ohm
  • No USB Soundcard Feature
  • No Balanced output
  • THD+N: >0.004%
  • PCM: 32bit/384kHz
  • DSD: DSD64, DSD128
  • No Online Streaming

iBasso DC01

  • DAC: AK4493EQ (Desktop Level)
  • Output: 113mW @32ohm
  • Able to work as a USB soundcard
  • 2.5mm true balanced output
  • THD+N: <0.001% (32ohm load, 1.2Vrms)
  • PCM: 32bit / 384kHz
  • DSD: Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
  • With Smartphones, able to play offline music
dual dac chip illustration

True Balanced Headphone Amplifier

iBasso introduces the concept of balanced audio in professional audio, into this portable DAC cable adapter. It uses a true balanced circuit with dual ultra-low distortion LDOs to create a true balanced amplifier, which provides high output power with improved.

iBasso Audio DC01 USB DAC

No Compromise on Interconnect Cable

After many tests and samples, we chose this 8-wire braided audiophile cable as the DC01's interconnect cable, due to its purer signal transmission and better durability.

iBasso Audio DC01 USB DAC

From Smartphone to Computer: UAC2.0 USB Soundcard

The DC01 uses a USB-C connector and utilizes the standard UAC2.0 USB receiver. It is compatible with most Android Smartphones and tablets on the market. It can also be connected to the Mac and Windows computers via the high-quality supplied C to A converter. This allows it to work as a USB Soundcard. With the DC01 using the standard UAC2.0 sound card chipset, Mac and Win10 computers are plug-and-play. For WinXP, Win7, and Win8 systems, please download the driver from iBasso's website. Once properly installed, it can be used as a USB soundcard.

With a Dedicated App, the DC01 Achieves 64-Step Hardware Volume

Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and above support the UAC2.0 protocol by default. However, for compatibility reasons, Android Smartphone manufacturers still use SRC on audio output. When DC01 is connected, the maximum volume is achieved by default, the software algorithm of the device is used to reduce the volume. The software algorithm can reduce the volume but cannot reduce the noise floor. Therefore, iBasso developed a UAC2.0 volume controller app to achieve 64-step hardware volume control, effectively reducing the noise floor while achieving a better audio performance.

iBasso Audio DC01 USB DAC

Main Features:

  • New generation AKM4493 Premium 32-bit Stereo DAC
  • VELVET SOUNDâ„¢ technology
  • Support of PCM up to 32bit/384kHz
  • True balanced amplifier with 2.5mm balanced output port
  • Works as a USB-DAC for Android smartphones and tablets, Mac, Windows, and Linux computers
  • USB-C connector for better compatibility with Android smartphones and tablets
  • Dual ultra-low noise LDOs to ensure a high-performance audio
  • 8-wire braided audiophile cable

Operation Instructions:

The DC01 can be plug-and-play on Android Smartphones and tablets with Android 5.1 and above, without installing drivers or third-party apps (due to the Android device’s system or hardware limitation, there may be a low compatibility issue with some smartphones or tablets). On some Android devices, it may be necessary to manually turn on the OTG function in the system settings.

The DC01 uses a standard UAC 2.0 sound card chipset for plug-and-play on Mac and Win10 computers. For WinXP, Win7, and Win8 systems, please download the driver from our website Once properly installed, it can be used as a USB sound card.

There is no built-in battery so the DC01 receives its power through the USB interface from the master device. The actual power consumption is related to the operation and the device system. Because DC01 has an audiophile DAC chip it is normal for the DC01 to get warm during use.

*So far, we found that the DC01 has compatibility issues with the Samsung S9 and S10 smartphones. It works flawlessly with other Android smartphones.

*The DC01 can be used without the UAC volume control app. With our app, you can use our 64-step hardware volume control.

iBasso Amp Comparison

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$219 USD
Output Level
3.2V Single-ended
320mW @32Ohm (SE)
34.13mW @300Ohm (SE)
17.06mW @600Ohm (SE)
3.5mm TRS (HP/LO)
$219 USD
Output Level
3.1V Single-ended
6.2V Balanced
300.3125mW @32Ohm (SE)
1201.25mW @32Ohm (Bal)
32.03mW @300Ohm (SE)
128.13mW @300Ohm (Bal)
13.016mW @600Ohm (SE)
64.06mW @600Ohm (Bal)
4.4mm TRRS
$75 USD
USB A Devices
USB C Devices
Output Level
1.9V Balanced
112.8125mW @32Ohm (Bal)
12.03mW @300Ohm (Bal)
6.016mW @600Ohm (Bal)
2.5mm TRRS
$79 USD
USB A Devices
USB C Devices
Output Level
0.95V Single-ended
28.203125mW @32Ohm (SE)
3.0083mW @300Ohm (SE)
1.50416mW @600Ohm (SE)
3.5mm TRS

*Sampling Rate of PCM 768kHz/ DSD 256 with Roon requires the latest A10301 firmware update. Earlier firmware versions support PCM 384kHz/ DSD 128.


VGP 2020 Gold Metal Award

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General Features

DAC Chipset
<0.001% (32ohm load, 1.2Vrms)
Output Voltage
1.9V (32ohm load)
Output Power
113mW @32ohm
Frequency Response
20Hz-40kHz +/--0.5dB
Up to 32bit/384kHz
Native DSD up to 256x

Package Includes

  • DC01
  • USB-C to USB-A converter
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

    1-year warranty