Hubbell H320c Connector

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20 Amp IEC Connector

The H320C IEC connector is perfect for the replacement or building your own 20Amp power cords.

Heavy-duty vinyl connector body is available in black.

IEC Detachable Straight blade connector.

Rating: 20 amp @ 250 vac - for use with Cord Dia.: .275"-.475" (8-12)

Description: IEC Detachable straight blade connector.

Type: 2-pole + earth.

Housing Material: Nylon-Black Cord Clamp

Material: Nylon Terminal Screw Material: #8-32 Steel (copper or nickel finish)

Ground Screw Material: #8-32 Steel, (green finish)

Wire Clamps Material: 0.062" (1.6) Steel - Ni Plated

Power Contacts Material: .032" (.81) Brass