HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA Jr Electrostatic Headphones

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HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr Electrostatic Headphones: An extraordinary listening experience.

Unheard-of Performance to Value Ratio

HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA Jr features a nano-tech driver less than 0.001mm. It features couples near zero distortion with lightning-fast response and a nano-particle coated diaphragm providing an extreme high-frequency response.

Meticulously crafted and quality-checked by hand

With its unique design, exceptional function and exquisite craftsmanship, the Shangri-La Jr is the total luxury item that redefines the audio landscape. Enjoy excellent comfort and remarkable sound quality. Ergonomic and comfortable, the headband features a steady arch structure — a universal design with improved reliability and durability.

Advanced Technology

Mesh metal stators, working close to the ultra-fine diaphragm, offer superior openness and minimize distortion.

hifiman shangri-la jr


VGP Summer 2019 Lifestyle Award

Press and Reviews

Absolute Sound Review
Absolute Sound

by Jim Hannon
Feb. 2019



Frequency Response 7Hz-120kHz
Bias Voltage 550V-650V
Weight 374g (13.2oz)
Dimensions 200 x 176 x 115 mm (7.8" x 6.9" x 4.5")