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HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA Jr Amplifier: An extraordinary listening experience.

Meticulously crafted and quality-checked by hand

With its unique design, exceptional function and exquisite craftsmanship, the Shangri-La Jr is the total luxury item that redefines the audio landscape. Enjoy excellent comfort and remarkable sound quality. Ergonomic and comfortable, the headband features a steady arch structure — a universal design with improved reliability and durability.

hifiman shangri-la jr

The amplifier is newly designed and custom-made, created specifically for the SHANGRI-LA jr headphone to reveal the power and emotion of music. It features a discrete 24 step attenuator to ensure no added distortion in the system.

hifiman shangri-la jr

hifiman shangri-la jr

Made using the finest hand matched 6SN7N Vacuum Tubes currently available in the world.

Tubes at the core of the SHANGRI-LA jr amplifier function so closely to the output offers a warm and sumptuous sonic quality the finest Tube amplifiers are known for.


VGP Summer 2019 Lifestyle Award

Press and Reviews

Absolute Sound Review
Absolute Sound

by Jim Hannon
Feb. 2019



Weight 11kg (24lb.)
Dimensions 400 x 265 x 108 mm (15.7" x 10.4" x 4.2")