HiFiMan MINIBOX Gold Amplifier Card

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The HiFiMan Minibox Gold is an upgrade amplifier card for the HiFiMan HM901 & HM901s Media Players.


Smooth & velvety musicality

Powerful 440mW drive

Super wide frequency range

Metal Can from Texas Instruments

The Metal Can duo with commercial amp card

HiFiMan is the first to manufacturer to include the high performance Metal Can from Texas instruments in the commercial amplifier card design.

The Metal Can is very popular in aerospace and military industries for its excelent temperature stability and resistance to electromagnetic interference. In hifi audio, the metal can's superior reliability renders an excelent sounding experience. Hence the name "Gold."

Sublime Sounding Experience

There are up to two OPA637SM and eight BUF634U in the new Minibox Gold design, providing a super wide frequency range and featuring the world's best SNR.

The Minibox Gold renders a beautifully rounded and relaxed sound with a clear high pitch, an exuberant mid and solid low for a smooth musicality.

Circuit Design

The unique circuit design without coupling capacitor achieves the fidelity to reproduce closer to the real sound of music by largely reducing distortion.

Dynamic and Powerful

Minibox Gold is so powerful with the upgraded 440mW drive it equals up to 15 iPhone 6s working altogether. The Minibox Gold's high performance will drive some of the most demanding headphones on the market and produce the listening experience you have only dreamt of.

When playing music with wide dynamic range, Minibox Gold still assures high output performance.

About the Designer

Master three stone (as known by HiFi enthusiasts) is teh materminde behind the first Minibox card, receiving wide acclaims from many HiFiMan users for its powerful drive and excellent sound quality. The upgraded ne Minibox gold once again vividly reflects Three Stone's innovative concept of design while raising the industry standards to new heights.


Type: Single-ended

Frequency Response: 5Hz-30KHz

Max. Output: 440mW,

THD: 0.0003%

Separation: 104dB

SNR (A): 110dB