HiFiMan IEM Amplifier Card

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The HiFiMan Amplifier card is an uprgade replacement card for your HiFiMan HM901 and HM901s Media Players.

The IEM Amplifier card is designed specifically for IEM or earphone users.


  • Lower gain
  • Detailed, accurate and wide soundstage

This amplifier module will give you IEM’s just the right amount of power (this card is not recommended for headphones) and provide you with a detailed, accurate and wide soundstage.

Matched with the HM-901 it is the best hi-end solution available on the market.


Power supply voltage: ±8.2v

Power supply current: ±20ma

Maximum output (30R load)

Low Gain: 1v(33mw)

High Gain: 1.4v(65mw)

S/N: 112+/-2dB

Maximum current: +47ma/-47ma +59ma/-59ma

Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz(-0.1dB)

Output impedance: 2 Ohm