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HiFiMan HE-400S Headphones



Moon Audio

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NEW HiFiMan HE400S Planar headphones are light weight and easy to drive for your mobile or portable setup. 

Main Features:

  • High quality HiFiMan sound.

  • Planar technology for significantly lower distortion.

  • Sounds great paired with a smartphone like iPhone or Android devices.

  • Very light weight for comfort on the go.

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HiFiMan Sound

The HE400S delivers lifelike clarity, detail, extended bass and wide sound stage that audiophiles have come to expect from HiFiMan.

Planar Technology

Planar headphones have conductive layers over most of the diaphragm that evenly drive these headphones. This results in lower distortion over conventional dynamic headphones.

Pair with iPhone or Android devices

Since the the HiFiMan HE400s is easy to drive and extremely efficient, these headphones give you the sound you want from your music stored on your phone or most other portable audio devices. 

Light Weight & Comfortable

The HE400S weighs less than 1lb and uses an innovative headband and specially designed ear pads for incredible comfort. You will enjoy your music for hours without fatigue.

InnerFidelity Review by Tyll Hertsens  - Oct. 2015


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Additional Info


Frequency Response: 20Hz-35KHz
Efficiency: 93dB/mW
Impedance: 22 ± 2Ω
Sensitivity: 98dB/V
Plug: 3.5mm/6.35mm


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