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HiFiMan Edition X V2 headphones


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Sold out & Discontinued.

The Edition X is a reference headphone with all the remarkable detail, imaging, and ergonomic comfort HiFiMan is known for. Following the resounding success of the HE-1000 flagship headphones, the Edition X starts a new generation of planar magnetic headphones for HeadDirect.

Additionally, the Edition X sounds wonderful with portable audio devices.

Main Features:

  • Ultra-thin driver technology for lightning fast response.
  • Uncanny detail and ultra low distortion.
  • Use with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device.
  • Asymmetrical ear cups- follows the natural shade of the human ear.

HiFiMan has created a reference level planar magnetic headphone with incredible detail and imaging that is lightweight and ergonomic enough to be used with portable audio devices like Astell & Kern AK Media Players, iPhones, or Android smartphones.

In the great tradition of trickle-down technology, Edition X leverages many of the same features as the HiFiMan HE-1000 flagship.

Yet with even lower weight and amazing 103dB sensitivity, Edition X breaks new ground in performance, style and comfort for planar magnetic headphones.

Whether your listening experiences are primarily around the home or you are a music lover on-the-go, Edition X is a versatile performer that can do it all.

Edition X does not require a large amplifier. In fact, best results will be achieved if you use this particular model with a high quality amp of moderate power.

HiFiMan recommends not pairing Edition X with an amp that has an output of 500mW per channel or greater. If Edition X is paired with too much power, distortion or damage can result so choose high quality and moderate power.

Benefits of Edition X:

  • Ultra-thin driver technology for lightning fast response, uncanny detail and ultra low distortion.
  • High sensitivity, allows use with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device. Low distortion and amazing sound quality.
  • Window shade grill design- greatly reduces sonic reflections for clearer sound.
  • Asymmetrical ear cups- follows the natural shade of the human ear.
  • Hybrid Ear pads- beveled design conforms to the shape of the human skull while velour and pleather materials provide optimum comfort.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic headband- applies pressure more evenly for better fit, improved sound and comfort for longer term listening.
  • High performance Cable that is user-Replaceable.  Simple connectors allow easy switching or replacement to other cables should you so choose.


  • 1.5m headphone cable (3.5mm plug)
  • 3m headphone cable (6.35mm plug)
  • One pair of earphones (mounted on headphone)
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) headphone adapter

About Edition X V2

HiFiMan has made several styling and mechanical enhancements that substantially improve the appearance, durability, and comfort of the Edition X V2 Headphones.

The updated headband now accommodates a wider range of head sizes while applying correct pressure evenly.

A new metal yoke replaced the original plastic yoke to increase stability and durability.

The premium earpads have been specially re-designed to become thicker with an asymmetrical shape that follows the form of the ear cups. The pads are beveled so that they contour to the shape of your head for superb comfort and extended listening.

The surface material that makes contact with the head is now Polyester (instead of Velour) in order to increase sound transparency.


Outstanding Sound Quality

The Edition X V2 headphones operate on the planar magnetic technology offering a superior sounding experience in terms of quality and soundstage. Traditional dynamic headphones utilize conductors that vibrate in select areas of the diaphragm which results in a large percentage of the diaphragm that cannot be directly driven by those conductors. Planar magnetic headphones are much lighter (conductors + diaphragm) which allows superior performance in treble.

Planar headphones have conductive layers distributed throughout the surface of diaphragm. The diaphragm is evenly driven by the magnetic force so that planar headphones have significantly lower distortion when compared with conventional dynamic headphones.

This lower distortion results in better overall reproduction of minute details. Instrumental positioning and imaging are improved, and the headphone has very natural soundstaging capabilities.


Innovative Capacity to be Driven

The Edition X V2 inherits the constant pursuit of uncompromised sound quality by elevating planar magnetic headphone sensitivity.

Compared to other planar headphones available on the market, the advantage of higher sensitivity allows a headphone amplifier to release a full-bodied sound and sufficient sound pressure levels without the risk of high distortion. Undoubtedly, this design will save you from the painful process of having to worry whether your headphone amplifier is adequately powerful and allows you to simply enjoy the music.


True-to-Life Sound Imaging

The true-to-life sound imaging truly sets the Edition X V2 apart. The headphone produces a dimensional and full-bodied vocal sound when simply driven by a portable media player without the hassle of a bulky dedicated headphone amplifier.

Exuberant but not over-exaggerated, you can head minute details in the diction and resonance.

Instruments such as strings, piano, and other members of the orchestra are very concretely revealed. You will be amazed to discover the wide range of music genres the Edition X V2 is able to handle.


Articulately Layered Soundstage

With most other headphones on the market that can be easily driven by portable players, the soundstage appears to be flattened and shallow. What the Edition X V2 provides is a rare sense of space when listening to a complex instrumental performance with an articulated separation of rear/front and left/right. This feature was inherited from the flagship HE1000, seamlessly separating out vocals and different musical instruments or the orchestral accompaniment. 


Unparalleled Reproduction of Music

Like HiFiMan’s flagship model HE1000, the Edition X V2 excels at midrange and treble reproduction. It is the bass that differs the Edition X V2 from the HE1000, namely the sound of the cello, the contrabass and the bass. However, the HE1000 needs a dedicated headphone amplifier to produce a rich and powerful bass sound. The Edition X V2 can be driven by a portable player to reproduce a bass that sounds relaxed, natural and full-bodied. It easily stands out against all the other headphones on the market. 


Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

The innovative suspension headband and specially designed ear pads increase your listening comfort, allowing you to enjoy your music for hours on end. Extensive research by HiFiMan designers has gone into optimizing the design of these areas in order to maximize your listening enjoyment in both its sound and comfort.


User-Replaceable Connector Design

The cables are user-replaceable and have orientation indicators for left and right channel with a “L” and “R” symbol indicated inside the headband. The package includes one 1.5m cable with a 3.5mm plug and one 3m cable with a ¼” 6.35mm plug. The cables are easy to switch and replace according to your need.

Product Reviews

Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 50kHz

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Impedance: 25 ± 3 ohm

Weight: 399 grams (14.07 Oz)

Edition X V2 Manual

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