In our Just Ask Drew video series, Drew compares some of his favorite audio gear and offers recommendations for music software, network connections, and more.

DACs & Media Players

Drew provides an overview of two home audio setups and answers questions about networks and software.

Portable Amplifiers, DACs

Drew explains some of the Hottest, HiFi Audio Portable Setups in the High End Audio market these days.

Desktop Amps, DACs

Drew shares a few of his top picks for high-end desktop audio, covering a few amplifiers and DACs.

High End Headphones

Drew highlights some of his favorite headphones and explains some of the basic technologies and developments.

Headphone Cables

Drew provides an overview of Dragon Audio Cables and explains why upgrading can improve performance.

Storing Headphones

Tips and Tricks for properly storing your hifi headphones and cables to maintain prevent damage.