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focal elear headphones
focal headphones deal
focal elear headphones

Focal Headphones Savings with Trade in of your old headphones.

Save up to $1000 on Focal Utopia and Focal Elear during September!

Have an older pair of headphones? Now you can level up and Save $1000 on Focal Utopia and $300 on Focal Elear.

For the month of September:

  1. Buy a NEW Focal Utopia or Focal Elear. **Instant savings from Headphone Trade-in automatically applied at checkout.
  2. Receive $1000 off Focal Utopia Headphones or $300 off Focal Elear headphones at checkout.
  3. Receive an RMA via email upon purchase to send in your old headphones
  4. Send your headphones to Moon Audio with the RMA. Focal will donate to the needy.
  5. Enjoy your new headphones and feel great about your donation.

Focal Headphones

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3 Item(s)

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