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Headphones for Audiophiles

We know headphones and these top of the line headphones and earphones are favorites among the audiophile tribe. These include open and closed back designs that are specifically meant for those who want to listen to their music in detail and need the best resolution and dynamics.

Audiophile Headphones Characteristics
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  1. Grado PS1000e Headphones

  2. HiFiMan HE1000 V2 headphones

  3. JH Audio Custom Angie In Ear Monitor IEMs

  4. JH Audio Custom Layla In Ear Monitor at Moon Audio

  5. Obravo ERIB-2W Earphones

    Special Price $999.00 Regular Price $1,099.00
  6. Obravo EAMT-3W Earphones

    Special Price $2,299.00 Regular Price $2,599.00
  7. Sony MDR-Z7 Headphones

  8. JH Audio Lola Universal Fit IEMs

  9. JH Audio Lola Custom In-Ear Monitor IEMs

  10. Audeze LCD-i4 Headphones

  11. JH Audio 13v2 Pro Universal IEMs

  12. JH Audio 16v2 Pro Universal IEMs

  13. JH Audio Roxanne Universal IEMs

  14. Sony MDR-Z1R Premium Headphones

  15. Fostex TH610 headphones - Open Box

    Special Price $469.00 Regular Price $599.99
  16. AEON Flow Closed-Back Headphones

  17. Astell & Kern Michelle Limited In Ear Monitors (Universal IEM)

  18. Focal Clear Headphones

    Special Price $1,100.00 Regular Price $1,499.00
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Items 1-18 of 41

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