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Favorite Genre / Artist: Rock / Pop / Foo Fighters / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Muse / The Killers / Nirvana / Audioslave / Sara Bareilles /Lady Gaga / Kimbra

Favorite Audio Gear:DT 1350 w/ Blue Dragon cable

Lives In: Southern California - USA

Jonathan Ly, a.k.a. @Rebel908

"I started getting serious with audio in high school, and have not looked back."

Why Johnathan is an Ambassador

I am 23 years old from Southern California. I've been a musician most of my life, starting by learning piano around the age of 7, and switching to Trombone at the age of 11. I played Trombone for 7 years, all of middle school and high school, and music has always been present.

I started getting serious with audio in high school, and haven't looked back. My first audiophile purchases were Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10s and Westone 3s. Eventually opted to get the DT 1350, and upon my close friend's recommendation, went through Moon Audio to get the DT 1350s with Drew's Blue Dragon cable. I have not made many audio purchases, but if I can get Dragon cables, I certainly will opt for it.

I've always been quite mobile, having traveled up and down the state of California all throughout college. Being away from home a lot, music always has helped keep my centered and relaxed. I've put a premium on having good audio wherever I go, and as I learn, I hope to keep finding gear that works for me. I'm rediscovering playing music, and hoping to keep it going from now on.

We Love Johnathan because...

There are many ways to get great a great audio experience from a mobile setup. Johnathan being more interested in mobile is what attracted us to him. We think he will provide a valuable insight on portable hifi as we continue to grow this community.

Latest Review:

Beyedynamic DT 1350 w/ Blue Dragon Cable review - True Neutral

Primary genres listened to - Rock, Blues, R&B, Rap, Orchestrations.

For me, the Beyerdynamic DT 1350's hold a particularly special place in my collection. Being only 23 and having only been exploring the vast depths of high-end audio for the last 6 years, the 1350s were my first successful foray into the realm. I had played around with universal IEMs in the mid to high end range, but had not done enough research about source, lossless, amps, or DACs to fully utilize them. And while the current set up I have is modest, the DT 1350 still sound golden. And with that, lets begin:

Packaging/Accessories With an original MSRP of $299.99, the DT 1350s are on the more costly side of the Supra Aural (On-Ear) headphones. Additionally, the packaging itself is sparse, an included case makes sure that you'll have something to carry around your DT 1350s with, but its certainly nothing to write home about.

The Blue Dragon Cable, however, is certainly going to catch eyes, and ears. The striking blue color of the cable will certainly catch the attention of the passersby, but the Blue Dragon is not just flash. The construction of the cable is absolutely top notch, extremely durable, and weeds out one of the major problems with stock wires: microphonics. On the move, you'll hear the audio, and nothing else, even if the cables move around you or brush against another surface. The cables do not affect the sound in the slightest, lending themselves to the DT 1350 neutral sound.

Constructed out of metal, the durability of the DT 1350 is never in question. Having had to replace parts do to unusual circumstances (read: embarrassing user failures), the availability of parts from Beyerdynamic has definitely helped me keep these cans going well passed my clumsinesses attempts at a premature demise. The head pads and the ear pads do their job of not making the cans difficult to wear, but again also are not standouts here.

The included case makes bringing the cans around a much simpler task than simply risking potential damage carrying them without a case, or constantly having them wrapped around ones neck. The lightweight design makes it very easy to carry the DT 1350 around without feeling burdened.

And what review wouldn't be complete without an analysis of the sound. The DT 1350 is a neutral sounding can, letting the details speak for themselves. The bass sounds great, without overpowering the mids and highs. It is a very full sounding bass, it doesn't linger on, nor does it fade too quickly. If you are looking to emulate the car shaking bass feeling, these are not the cans you are looking for.

Highs sound appropriate, breathy voices retain their allure, high energy voices deliver that energy without overshadowing everything else

Soundstage is great, but could be a smidge wider, giving the sonics slightly more breathing room to stretch.

At 80 ohms impedance, the DT 1350 is an ideal can for an on the go listen. It can be driven primarily by a smartphone/media player that does not necessarily fit into the category of audiopohile DAP, and provide a wonderful musical experience. It also benefits from amplification, although it is not a requirement.

Wrap up
The DT 1350s are a wonderful can. They are a wonderful jumping off point for someone looking to start out into high end audio, but still provide a nice experience once you've adventured past them.

Jonathan Ly

Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End Tour - The Observatory, Santa Ana CA 12/17/2014

Everything Will Be Alright, IN THE END! Alright? Everything was better than alright by the end of this show.

Having released Everything Will Be Alright in the End on October 7th, 2014, Weezer embarked on a tour to promote the new album. The final stop of 2014 was Santa Ana California, at The Observatory, a smaller venue that was certainly packed to the brim.

I have to say that I have not had the opportunity to be at many live shows, but I was glad to be at this one. The crowd for the show was a diverse one to say the least. It is expected that you'll see a fair share of fans younger than you expect at any show, but I did not imagine that I would be guessing Are the parents here for the kids, or are the kids here with the parents with such uncertainty as I had that night.

One fun surprise of the night was having Rivers Cuomo attempt to not-so-stealthily walk through the crowd, minus his signature glasses. Just a little note Rivers, the CIEM are a dead giveaway.

With no opening act, Rivers slowly made his way to the stage, for a funny and entertaining warm up with Nestle water, leading into an acoustic and solo rendition of You Gave Your Love to me Softly. Interestingly, the whole opening was accoustic, with each member introducing himself at the start of the next song. A mostly Pinkterton opening, the band originally controversial sophomore effort provided an energizing and nostalgic feel for the crowd. The lights dimmed for a brief intermission, and the show would continue.

The entirety of the main portion of the show consisted of a live playthrough of Everything WIll Be Alright in the End. Each song was accompanied with on the screen with lyrics for each song, alongside a video. The entire album is definitely worth a listen to, recorded or live, but there were definitely standouts. Back to the Shack and Eulogy for a Rock Band show the age and experience of Weezer, and provide an interesting retrospective look at the groups history so far. The British Are Coming serves as quite the trip, taken at face value as regarding Revolutionary America. Bethany Consentino of Best Coast surprised the crowd to provide her portion of lyrics in Go Away, and that would not be the only appearance of another musician outside of the band. Though not explicitly titled, the the album title makes an appearance in foolish Father, which started out dark and ends in bombast, complete with choir and confetti, and Its not joking about that. The show concluded with the album Futurescope Trilogy - The Wastelands, Anonymous, and Return to Ithika. Wastelands and Ithika were instrumentals sandwiching Anonymous, creating quite the unique experience.

A wonderful night not to be forgotten, not 3 months after, and not for much longer after now.

— Jonathan Ly

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