Hack Your Headphones T Shirt

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Tell the world about your love for music and the cool gear we use to hear it with Moon's Headphone Hackers t-shirt.

Designed with a large picture of golden cans (headphones), Moon's I Got Hacked 100% Cotton tees tell the world you are a music & technology lover who doesn't hesitate to HACK your way to better sound and a rewarding life.

If our music defines us, then how we hack our headphones and the tees we wear to identify our passion round out the picture.

100% Cotton Moon Audio I Got Hacked T-Shirt.

Color: Navy Blue

Moon Audio I Got Hacked T-Shirt

Are you a music lover? Music lovers harbor a suspicion that is often true - their music could sound better. Moon-Audio.com is dedicated to a simple idea - no matter how great your headphones are they can sound better with a little hacking. The Moon-Audio.com hacker team hacks cans sent from around the world. Since our headphone hacks take a predictable path - adding Dragon audio cables and better connectors - we've even made cables for Do-It-Yourself hackers.

Moon Audio Hacked Tee

If you want to let your music and headphones loving freak wear our, "I Got Hacked" tee to meet fellow travelers. We hack everything now. We create life hacks, code hacks and apps to join tribes, tribes we are passionate about. If you are passionate about music and the evolving and very cool technology we use to listen to beloved albums then you should own a Moon Audio I got Hacked tee.