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Dragon Audio Cables help even the best headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs) sound better. Created by Moon Audio founder Drew Baird, Silver Dragon cables are heralded for musical clarity and focus. Black and Bronze Dragon cables help warm low-end sounds, and Blue Dragon cables are known for neutrality and allowing music to be heard. Customers from more than twenty countries hack their headphones with Dragon audio cables.

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Bronze Dragon IEM cable

Moon Audio

Drew & Nichole Baird

In 2003, Drew was a full-time engineer and part-time audiophile. Cables were manufactured overseas and only available in limited, unchanging configurations. Unsatisfied with the cables available in his price range, he decided to make his own. After gathering the necessary parts and accessories, he made his first batch of custom audio cables and offered the extras to fellow audiophiles. They were a hit, and Silver Dragon cables were born.

Drew continued to make more cables, answering phone calls on his lunch break and packing orders on nights and weekends. Silver Dragons continued to grow, and in 2010 Drew quit his day job to run Moon Audio full-time. His wife, Nichole, put her experience to work as well, taking on the marketing and administration demands of the business.

Today Dragon Cables are still handmade, assembled by a small team of technicians in our offices in Cary, North Carolina.

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