Marty: Great Audio Geek

audio geek marty from raleigh

Describe Your Current Gear

Right now, Sonos is the core of my audio system. I have a Sonos Playbar, two Play:1 speakers (surround), and two Play:5 speakers. Have a pair of Pioneer Elite speakers hooked into the network via a Sonos Connect:amp. I also have a Roon Nucleus and a Chord Hugo. I plan to upgrade the Pioneer speakers to Focal, add a turntable, and wire most of the Sonos speakers to a new router slaved to the CenturyLink DSL. I've incorporated Tidal into the Roon Nucleus and stream music and use the system for Netflix, Amazon, and Dish TV (I live in the country).

Musical Moment

Seeing Bruce Springsteen at the Paul Mellon Arts Center at my prep school (Choate) made me a lifelong fan. Bruce played the gig as a favor to a record company executive whose son was a classmate. It was the begging of the Born To Run tour and he played, and played, and played. We shouted, danced, and Bruce wore out my sixteen year old self along with most of my classmates. Listening to U2 driving the long way home through the Delaware Water Gap from M&M/Mars in Hackettstown, NJ (Route 46) with the top open and nothing but open road on a clear spring day and long before a hard rain fell (on me) was another time music and moment combined.

Favorite Bands

Lately I've been experimenting with new sounds - something the Roon Nucleus makes EASY. Snail Mail and the Norwegian jazz saxophonist Mette Henriette (a haunting female interpretation of fellow Norwegian sax player Jan Garbarek) top my "New" pile.

Hi-Fi Intro

I used to spend most of my summer earnings on stereo gear. College in Poughkeepsie, New York (Vassar) was great and music helped me study and blast the Dean of Students out of his office. One year my room was above the Dean of Students office and Colton Johnson sent more than one stern note about turning my stereo down to my room. Not a bad reputation to have as a Vassar undergraduate.

Audio Passion in One Sentence

Imagine you are listening to music behind a semiopaque veil. Now remove the veil. The non-veil side is where high fidelity lives, and the more "high" in your "fidelity" the more music you hear. Thanks to Drew's suggestions I've heard favorite music anew several times.ust be experienced firsthand. If you love music (of any kind), you will enjoy high-end audio.

Great Audio Geeks love discussing and sharing pictures of their high-end audio gear, favorite music, and all the latest innovations. For most great audio geeks, their taste in audio gear exceeds their budget. They are never satisfied. Hearing something new in a favorite recording thanks to a new DAC, headphone, or cable fuels their desire to learn, discover, and experience more great sound.

Great audio geeks live on the higher end of the audio gear spectrum, but they may have cheap earbuds too. Everything has a purpose and proper use.

Great Audio Geeks read Stereophile and Absolute Sound, and they probably have an account at so they can read, debate, and learn. Just as the thirst for new gear is never fully quenched, Great Audio Geeks can never know enough.

Music and gear change quickly. Audio geeks are committed to lifelong learning. Come learn with Moon Audio.

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