Kenni: Great Audio Geek

audio geek kenni from ca

Describe Your Current Gear

My current setup for listening are my FiiO FH1s connected to my Samsung Galaxy S6. I am not the most experienced, but I like my FLACs and AACs like everyone else.

Musical Moment

Music made an impact on me, when I listened to my first ever FLAC album. It was Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere, and I had gotten it from a friend. I felt blown away and amazed, by the amount of clarity I heard, and the depth of the track. It was surreal.

Favorite Bands

My top three musicians have to be Michael Jackson, Rage Against The Machine, and Gnarls Barkley. Michael Jackson is a classic that most people like, and he brings a pop-synth vibe to my ears. R.A.T.M. has a rock and roll-esque theme to it. "Know Your Enemy" is an amazing track. Really brings out the rock and roll element, with those snares, cymbals, and guitars. Gnarls Barkley? This group has one of the most amazing vocals I have ever heard. The way the highs and mids flow like butter, and the lows, up and down like a rolling hillside.

Hi-Fi Intro

My first introduction to the high end audio world was when I discovered that there were such things as "Hi Res" rated headphones. I wanted a pair, because I thought it would make my music sound way better. I also found out that there was something called an "IEM", and it was a better, upgraded version of an in ear headphone, and it came with the "Hi Res" certification. Then, I saved up money to buy my first pair of IEMs. The amazing FH1s, made by FiiO. These gems made my music, although lossy compression, sound a million times better, with the muddiness and shrieking highs from my 5 dollar drug store headphones being thrown into the dumpster.

Audio Passion in One Sentence

An angel being sent down from heaven, into my ears.

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