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audio geek johnny from alabama

Describe Your Current Gear

Desktop set up: (DACs) Schiit Bifrost, Audioquest Dragonfly, Meridian Director. (Head phone amps) Schiit Lyr 2, Little Dot MKII, FiiO E12A MoFiiO E12A Mont Blanc IEM Special Editionnt Blanc IEM Special Edition. (Sound conditioners) Schiit Wyrd, iFi iPurifier USB, iFi AC iPurifier, iFi SPDIF iPurifier, Nano iGalvanic 3.0. (Headphones, IEMs) Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO, Sennheiser HD 650, Hifiman HE 400, Audio-Technica ATH M50, Audio-Technica ATH CKR 10,JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850, JVC HA-FXZ200.....and then some!

Musical Moment

I never went to live concerts during my younger years, but night clubs, oh yeah. During my high school era in South Korea, most clubs was using JBL speaker set up with HUGE horn tweeters that covers mids and highs. This is one reason why the JBL - Everest DD67000 Tower Speakers are my dream speakers. Horns really impacted me a lot. The mids coming out of them I tell ya, it just swallows you up and brain washes you!

Favorite Bands

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Charlie Haden, Enrico Pieranunzi, all 3 resonate sound very well through my pair of Magnepan 3.7i. The resonating sound just makes you stare at the speakers as if the musicians are really there!

Hi-Fi Intro

Again, when I was in South Korea in the 80s, electronics was heaven there. I remember the time I went to a friends party he had this amazing equalizer by Sansui. This one blew my mind, Sansui SE-9 if I recall the model. Each "band knob" moved by them selves by aiming a microphone in front of your "sweet spot" position. Once listening process completed, the equalizer will "shape" the sound for you automatically! THAT got me hooked ever since! Of course he have the Pioneer PLL turntable that got me buying one back then

Audio Passion in One Sentence

Now these days its hard due to "MP3" syndrome these days I think. To me is details, depth, width, clarity and so fourth. To me its got to sound realistic as possible, uncompressed, unprocessed. The more realistic the sound, the more it gets your attention. Just like listening records, very natural, very detail, depth and all. That's why I have the Rega Planar 6 record player to replace my Pioneer PLL turntable that died (RIP). I think to convince the "MP3" heads is by explain the details of each instruments they hear, especially the favorite type of music they listen to, then listen to it through good quality system. Music may be Lossless type, or vinyl preferably.

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