Alex: Great Audio Geek

audio geek paul from canada

Describe Your Current Gear

BH Mainline, BH Crack, Schiit Vahalla 2, O2's, Booster Board, Several DIY amps SS and tubes, Beyer T1, T90, DT 1350, HD 600 MSR7, LCD2 R2, Schiit Bifrost MB. Van Alstine Ultravalve, Van Alstine Pre amp, Salk Song Towers,

Musical Moment

All the time!

Favorite Bands

Spyrogyra, Beatles, Eric Clapton

Hi-Fi Intro

2 ch Klipschorns, Crown DC300

Audio Passion in One Sentence

Priority #1

Great Audio Geeks love discussing and sharing pictures of their high-end audio gear, favorite music, and all the latest innovations. For most great audio geeks, their taste in audio gear exceeds their budget. They are never satisfied. Hearing something new in a favorite recording thanks to a new DAC, headphone, or cable fuels their desire to learn, discover, and experience more great sound.

Great audio geeks live on the higher end of the audio gear spectrum, but they may have cheap earbuds too. Everything has a purpose and proper use.

Great Audio Geeks read Stereophile and Absolute Sound, and they probably have an account at so they can read, debate, and learn. Just as the thirst for new gear is never fully quenched, Great Audio Geeks can never know enough.

Music and gear change quickly. Audio geeks are committed to lifelong learning. Come learn with Moon Audio.

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