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Grado GS2000e Headphones

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New Grado GS2000e is the first Grado headphone built using two different species of wood.

The first hybrid wooden headphone has found the perfect marriage of mahogany and maple. 

The GS2000e combines these wood species in the same manner that luthiers have done for centuries, and for the same reason: resonance. Different types of wood sing with their own personalities, and Grado has found a way for mahogany and maple to work in unison.

The hand-crafted mahogany and maple merged enclosures are a realization stemming from the experience that only Grado Labs knows from working with wood. 

This technique is used by the finest musical instrument manufacturers from the past and the present. 

The use of Maple gives the energy of the sound of music to be fully transmitted, then the Mahogany allows it to open up and reveal the true harmonic structure as well as the space that the artist intended

In addition every component in the GS2000e is carefully considered, the new purpose built 50 mm drivers, the 12 conductor ultra high purity copper cable and ear cushions, all work together for an engaging musical experience. 

This organic approach embodies what is truly artisanal and is the essence of how we can effectively connect to the music

"…The Grado statement headphones are to the audiophile what Stradivarius is to the violin. The sensations of listening put you with tears in the eyes so much the beauty, the delicacy, the loyalty of sounds overtake the imagination. The sound stage is wide and of an incredible scale, the slightest details are faithfully transcribed without being analytical, the dynamics so impressive without ever assaulting the ear. This headphone is simply an audiophile work of art... I look forward to the opportunity of a stay in New York to meet the GRADO family" - Olivier Colloud

Included Accessories:

  • Headphones
  • Warranty
  • Grado story-sheet
  • 3.5mm mini adapter
  • Extension cable

Product Reviews

Transducer Type: Dynamic 

Operating Principle: Open Air 

Frequency Response: 4 - 51,000 hz 

SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB 

Normal Impedance: 32 ohms 

Driver Matched dB: .05 dB

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