Furutech Power Outlet Cover 104-D

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Carbon Fiber Outlet Plate Cover for FP-15A-N1 / FP-20A-N1

Many A/V enthusiasts go to great lengths in carefully setting up major system components, but pay little attention to AC power. Furutech knows that each and every part of the chain is as important as the next, so maximum attention is lavished by Furutech's engineers on all aspects of power transfer to set new benchmarks of performance.

The new and greatly improved Pure transmission 104-D duplex Receptacle Cover Plate is finished in carbon and glass fiber with stainless steel screws. This plate cover has been designed for use with Furutech's FP-15A-N1/FP-20A-N1/FT-D20A/FT-S20A series receptacles.

104 series: Stainless Fixed Screw/Size:# M4 X 12mm(L) Carbon fiber and Grass fiber finished Brass cover Cover Size:71X116 mm(t:2.3mm - 0.1mm)

Receptacle and cover sold separately.