Furutech AC Inlet (R) 15a Amp

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High Performance IEC Inlet

AC-INLET(R) - 15A 125V/10A 250V AC INLET

High Performance IEC Inlet

INLET(G)Rhodium Plated

Certified UL Recognition


Dimension: 50.9mm (W) x 24.1mm (D) x 28.8 (H)

Rating: 10A 250v / 15A 125v AC

Uutectic (low Temperature) cast brass ? (Alpha) Conductor

Cover - PBT and Fiberglass housing

Connections: Solder


• Specifications: Accommodates wire diameters to 3.2mm

• Connection: Set screw

• Dimensions: 50.9mm (W) x 24.1mm (D) x 28.8 (H)

• Rated: 15A/250V

• α (Alpha) Eutectic (low temperature) cast Copper alloyConductor

• Nylon and fiberglass housing