Focal Headphone Reviews


Focal Elear Headphones

"The Focal Elear brings back the excitement I had when I first heard the Chord Hugo for the first time. The Elear is extremely engaging and draws you in. At $995, I feel when it's compared to the competition, it is an amazing value and an amazing advance in headphone driver technology. We call it a "best buy" in its price point for sure."

Drew Baird, P.E., President of Moon Audio.

Focal Utopia Headphones

"The Focal Utopia sounds incredible but in a very natural and effortless way. It's a very different sound from the Elear. Once you sit back and start to examine the nuances of the sound, it is apparent how special this headphone is which is truly for someone that understands and values the true sound of music. It provides truth to the sound. Our hats off to Focal as its Simply Amazing!"

Drew Baird, P.E., President of Moon Audio.

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