Focal Cable Connections

Focal Utopia Premium Dragon Upgrade

The Utopia is Focal''s flagship headphone and we have designed our top of the line Silver and Black Dragon Premium Cable to match perfectly.


Black Dragon Premium Cable for Focal Utopia Headphones V2

Our premium Dragon headphone cables use higher quality connectors that improve sound and connection quality delivering every last drop of performance out of your Focal Utopia or Elear headphones.

If you are buying a new headphone cable for the Utopia, the Black Dragon Premium cable for Focal Utopia headphones V2 is Drew''s top pick.

Focal Elear Dragon Upgrade

The Focal Elear will pair nicely with the Silver, Black and Blue Dragon headphone cables. Each cable has its own unique sound characteristics so you can find the sound that is best for you.

After choosing your favorite Dragon headphone cable select "Focal Elear" in the headphone connection dropdown.

Focal Elear

Then you can choose your amplifier termination based off what you plan to connect.

Some popular connections are:

  • 3.5mm Neutrik Mini Plug (for DAPs, Apple iDevices & all phones)
  • 1/4" Gold Furutech Stereo Plug (for desktop headphone amps, great for Pass Labs HPA-1 & Questyle CMA600i)